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Liability Insurance

Whether you decide to launch your own business and do work for clients or you own a business that employs contractors, you need liability insurance. This is a type of insurance that many states require business owners carry. If an accident occurs on the job, the state can fine you thousands of dollars or more for not having coverage. You’ll also find that you or your business is responsible for the medical bills or other bills that may occur because of that accident. Liability insurance for contractors generally covers three different things.


These policies are so important because one will cover all the employees working for you on the job as well as yourself. Contractors often work on construction sites and can work with heavy equipment and in potentially dangerous situations. All it takes is someone to back up a bulldozer without looking for an employee to suffer an injury on the job. Your policy will kick in and cover any employee injured on the job site. When looking for contractors general liability insurance California business owners often look at full coverage options too. Full coverage will pay out for all the medical bills and other costs associated with an accident on the job.


A good liability insurance policy covers your clients too. This is especially important because you cannot control everything that happens on a job site. When an employee loses his or her balance, the worker may fall down and drop construction materials all across the floor. If those materials break, you can use your policy to seek compensation and get cash that you can use to get new materials. Your policy will also cover any damage done to a client’s home or property, but it will not cover damage done by negligent acts.


No matter where the job takes place, you will find yourself in direct contact with the general public. When you pick the right liability insurance, the policy will cover any damage or accidents that affects one or more people who have no connection to the job at hand. This can include those walking by a construction site, neighbors who live near the site and visitors of your clients. Liability insurance for contractors covers expenses relating to your clients, yourself, your workers and anyone who might visit one of your job sites in the future.…

Types of Insurance for Horses

Companion animals add a lot to the lives of those that love them. The thought of having them get injured, fall ill or pass away is painful. The costs of medical treatments can be surprisingly high for such large animals, but there are insurance options that can help with the expense.

Attachment to Horses

A horse is not an animal that most people would run out and adopt. It takes an acreage, comfortable building for housing and special food to care for these wonderful animals. The attachments to horses and their owners is deep and prolific. This is where insurance can help play a critical role in maintaining their lifestyle and health when illness or natural disaster strike.

Major Medical for Horses

A horse, like any living creature, can get injured, suffer illness or genetic disorders. Health insurance for horses is the perfect solution to protect your finances in case medical services are needed that are expensive. Many major surgeries for horses can cost thousands of dollars. You want to be able to provide your horse with the proper medical treatments without worries of going bankrupt in the process.

Trailer and Stable Insurance

Horse trailers are a necessary part of being able to transport the animal from one place to another safely. Stables and outbuildings to house the horse during inclement weather provides them protection from the elements. Having these needed items insured will give you peace of mind.

Liability Insurance for Horses

Horses are without a doubt large animals. Most weigh 1,200 pounds and more. Having a horse, startle and throw a rider from the saddle, kick or accidentally step on a foot can cause serious bodily injury to a human. Liability insurance for horses will step up and help pay medical bills for anyone that is injured by the covered animal. This is another way to protect your assets from lawsuits if an accidental injury occurs.

Mortality Insurance for Horses

Natural disasters, such as floods and tornadoes, illness, injuries and other events can cause the death of a horse. There could be a lot of high bills left behind that still need to be paid. You can purchase life insurance to help cover the costs of medical care, or burial.

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