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Commercial Carpet – The Top 3 Ways to Choose Green

Commercial Carpet – The Top 3 Ways to Choose Green

When people think of carpet they always think of the stuff that is on their floor at home. Rarely does anyone picture the carpet at their favorite restaurant, bar or theater when they imagine carpet. Commercial carpet is very different than what we have at home since when it is being selected issues of return on investment, carpet repair and carpet cleaning are rarely part of the decision making process. Most importantly, commercial carpets go into commercial spaces like food service areas, schools, hospitals and offices and they take far more abuse than in our homes. They actually take more abuse than anything in the commercial space. Carpet is walked on by everyone, spilled upon constantly, and most always under maintained. For these reasons and many others, commercial carpet is completely different than normal home flooring products and should be considered unique and one of the most important interior selection, particularly since old carpet is a huge contributor to landfill dumping. Unfortunately, all too often the thing designers consider first when making green carpet choices are LEED points and recycled content and this is a big mistake.

Choosing a green product is much more than just thinking about recycled content, carbon footprint and LEED points. The top 5 ways to choose a green product should always include the following:

First, how long will the product last. Green or sustainable products must be measured by the longevity of their productive and performing life first. A commercial carpet made of corn or PLA that lasts 3 years before it falls apart is worthless and not green at all. A product should perform for the minimum of 10 years and be easily cleanable but preferably perform for 15 to 20 years. The most sustainable soft surfaces last for over 30 years or more. The decision to replace carpet should be the owners by choice and not because the carpet is falling apart.

Second, is the product fully recyclable, cradle-to-cradle by the manufacturer. Companies such as Tandus have systems and processes in place that can recycle their own materials as well as materials manufactured by the rest of the industry offering a solution for their own materials as well as old materials from their competition. This is a much more sustainable solution. Companies such as these should be rewarded for their innovation and open architecture of being able to take care of materials that are currently on the floor getting ready to go to the landfill from any manufacturer as well as their own old materials.

Third, does the product offer recycled content in their own product. This would include both pre-consumer and post consumer materials. This means that the product is helping the manufacturing world as well as using materials that have already been in use in the commercial environment.

Green carpet and specifically green commercial carpets are an important aspect of limiting materials going to landfills as well as reducing carbon footprint. While planting forests and trees are important, the most important thing a carpet company can do is be able to have a cradle-to-cradle system for their material. Green bonus points are given to those companies that can also take care of the rest of the commercial markets carpet. That is the greenest of green carpet in the commercial environment.…

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10 Tips for Investing in Real Estate

Would you like to arm yourself with the 10 best tips for investing in real estate? You will be able to avoid making mistakes that a lot of new investors do, and also some by veterans. Read on for more information.
Tip 1 – Research on the property you want to buy. Do some checking on the property values, inspect the property, and go and check out the location itself if able. Nothing is worse than paying for an unsavory unit at a bad location.
Tip 2 – Always make clear your offers. Don’t assume that people will not be willing to accept, and if you do not try asking you will never know, will you?
Tip 3 – Always increase your network of buyers and sellers. Just because you have many prospective customers or leads, it doesn’t mean that your deal will close with them, so, always make friends.
Tip 4 – Consider all your available choices. For example, if you have a property in mind, why must you only rent when you can consider buying it or leasing? Or how about a deal which looks great for an overhaul/rehab, but a wholesale might be a safer option. Always look at all your given choices and then make up your mind, on which one would be the most lucrative and good option.
Tip 5 – Surround yourself with positive people. Nothing is worse than negativity bouncing off you when you are going through the whole property buying process, as these people will probably give you a tough time. People who appreciate and value your work will want to work with you and it is definitely simpler dealing with them.
Tip 6 – Do not hesitate to ‘Walk Away’ from a deal when needed. If the buyers or sellers are being tough and making things difficult, and want things done their way, just ‘walk away’ in closing. They will come back to you if they really need your services.
Tip 7 – Make your investment tactics varied. Do learn all you can about different tactics: wholesale, assignments, house flipping, lease and purchase, and others. Once you have all the tactics down pat, you can be sure you will also be earning a lot more.
Tip 8 – Always have a contingency plan. Make sure that you have a backup plan, that’s always the best decision to take, as we can plan, but things don’t always go the way we plan. To earn a little is still earning, even if it does make your profit margin smaller, making something is better than making nothing at all.
Tip 9 – Budget, Budget, budget. Always stay on your allocated amount, or even better, UNDER it! There are always unexpected costs in real estate, for example your air conditioning unit could need fixing, a roof leak, a sudden inspection for your building, and other costs such as marketing and closing.
Tip 10 – Make sure your investments are wise. When receiving a deal, do consider the pros and cons, and research as much as you can about it. Remember that there are a lot of deals out there and don’t just settle for any deal which lands on your lap. A good investor will have a mindset that knows about the varied deals in property.
That said, it is also a good tip to know what are the things that we should not do in this exciting field. Do check out the other tips because knowledge is the key to growing.…

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Buying and Renting the Water Dispenser

Buying and Renting the Water Dispenser

Many people provide the best container and equipment to deal with water supply perfectly. They buy certain equipments to store and maintain the quality of water by using the options which are offered on the market through the application of advanced technology. If you do the same thing, you will definitely get several benefits as they will possibly get too. However, choosing the best one is not always an easy thing for someone. Do you also find any difficulties? In this case, the common problem is the incapability to find the best product and the best place to get such thing.

Buying water dispenser will be something easy if you know the best place where you can get best quality product and the discounts. The retail stores are familiar as the place to let you find the best dispenser. Besides, you can go to the stores which provide the supplies for home improvement and also big box stores. The quality, style, material and features will vary to fulfill the various needs and the price range is not the same between certain places to another. The general warranty is offered from 30 days to 1 year. It is greatly depended on the store and also the manufacturer.

However, some people prefer to choose the product sold by the bottled water company. The benefits of buying directly will let you to enjoy the high quality and reliable product. The companies commonly provide the dispensers which will not break down and enable people to enjoy the long lasting function. The next possible benefit of buying the dispenser from such place is the longer warranty than the other stores. You can get the warranty up to 5 years. If it is impossible for you to do it, you can try the other option. You can rent the water dispenser and pay certain amount of money for certain period. You can use the equipment and do not need to think about the warranty and some other related things.…

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Panama Canal

One of Panama’s biggest attractions, both tourist and business, is the Panama Canal. In fact it has become fairly synonymous with the country. It is not only a symbol of great pride to Panama but also to all countries that benefit from the passage it offers vessels and cuts down on sailing time.
The Panama Canal is considered to be one the biggest achievements of the engineering world. It connects the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean and allows ships and vessels to quickly reach their destination by reducing their journey and travel time tremendously. The economic benefits of the canal were assessed and understood by countries close to Panama as well as those who had interests in this area. The plans and efforts to build the canal had spanned over four centuries. The first efforts to build a canal in this area were undertaken by the king of Spain. Thereafter, the French also tried to build it. However inhospitable conditions made it nearly impossible for workers to carry out their work and in the end efforts were given up.
In 1903 the United States of America sought and received permission to build the canal and also administer it. Plans to build the canal didn’t just include architectural plans for it but also for the infrastructure that was essential to get the job done. Massive medical efforts were also made to control the diseases, malaria and yellow fever, that were common in the area and affected workers and stalled the construction of the canal. Finally on 15th of August 1914 the Panama Canal was inaugurated and the Ancon, a cargo ship was the first to gain passage through it.
Basic facts
The canal is 80 kilometers long and an important source of economic activity and tourism in the country. Panamax is the name given to maximum size of vessel that the canal can allow entry to. The canal includes several man made lakes and channels and locks. After the US Navy requested the locks were increased in size so as to allow navy ships passage through the canal. A Panama Canal Expansion Program is planned in order to design and create new locks for the waterway.
Experiencing the Canal
One of the best ways to experience the magnitude of the Panama Canal is on a cruise. You could also add a trip to the San Blas islands to your cruise and make it truly unforgettable. If you are in Panama for a holiday or a business visit then you could take a one day cruise on the canal and enjoy the passage through it. Also on offer is a ride on the historical Panama Canal Railroad that gives you a whole new perspective of the canal.
How about staying at a hotel that is close to this architectural wonder? This will not only give you a great view of the canal but of the area around it. You can enjoy a trip to the canal museum. The museum offers quite a learning experience for the young and the young at heart, and helps you truly understand what went into creating this engineering marvel. You could also plan a trip to the lakes and locks.…

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Construction Prospects in Afghanistan

Construction companies in Afghanistan are of strategic importance and favor a very progressive minded approach in a fast growing environment surrounded by international exposure. It is a country that spans South Asia, Central Asia, and Western Asia. It has a very strong strategic position as there are many resources that provide great help in the construction business. It’s strategic location has made it a strong contender in business, as it is equidistantly place between Central Asia, India, and Pakistan.

The Afghan population has come close to 30 million in an area spanned across 652 square km. The progress of Afghanistan has already begun in various sectors, and especially in the world of the construction business. With so much area to cover, Afghanistan has started its progress by working on roads across various places like Kabul, Kandahar, etc. Steps are being taken by people residing in Afghanistan to make it a better place to live in; they are very hard working people who want change in their lives. Majority of the population in Afghanistan is rural population and a very little part of it is urban.

Looking at the world map, it is a business hub connects many places and forms a strategic common point for places like Europe, Asia, and Middle East. It has the best routes for transportation and logistics for trade, with all its surrounding regions by road or sea. It opens doors to many people who want to start their business in the Middle East and Asia.

Talking about construction it is the backbone behind the recovery of Afghanistan. With so many construction and materials companies coming up in Afghanistan, it surely marks the road for expansion at a rapid rate. Construction materials are manufacture with quality grade materials.

The construction business has provided employment opportunities to thousands of people in Afghanistan strengthening the economy by changing the quality of life for the resident people. Construction in Afghanistan mainly comes in from various departments like military projects, road construction, power, infrastructure, and agricultural sectors. As it is a business hub there are private organizations coming in for large-scale opportunities and residential construction.

The Government has kept construction and infrastructure development on the top list of priorities for its development and economy. Other sectors like power, water, etc are still under development in Afghanistan. Power and electricity are issues of concern as these two sectors are still not stabilize and are under crisis.

There are many projects underway with many Afghan construction companies teaming up for expertise in construction engineering and construction equipment like brick factories etc. and others specialized in irrigation systems, dams and agricultural . There are modern parks being develop for investors to invest for small, medium, and large-scale organizations. A company that is actively taking part in the construction business in Afghanistan is the Kainaat Group of Companies ; they have provided excellent engineering services in the form of engineers and designers to build national and international projects with quality.…

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How to Find a Good Real Estate Attorney

When you are involved in the business of real estates, it is most likely that you will one day or another find yourself in the courts having to settle disputes. They may be disputes with your clients, partners, creditors or any other person that is affected by your operations. This is why you always need a litigation attorney to handle all your court processes for you. However when looking for an attorney, it is only wise that you settle for one who will handle your court processes with efficiency and competency that will positively effective for you and your business. Sometimes, this may not be an easy task to do. With so many complex situations related and attached to the world of real estate attorneys, it may be difficult for you to locate a good one. Here are a few tips to help you find a good real estate attorney.
Seek for referrals from your friends, family members, colleagues or any other accomplices. Compare the information they give and come up with one that you feel that is suitable for the task that you have at hand. Look for a litigation attorney who has once taken care of your friend or colleague’s court processes and find out how efficiently and competently they carry out their duties. This way you are likely to find a real estate attorney that will serve your situation best.
Another way is to look for a litigation attorney through a real estate broker in your area. Brokers usually have ready information and connections at hand as to where to find a real estate attorney that will best serve your specific need. The only thing here is that you may be required to pay some fee for the services of the broker which will be worth it. However, you have to go to reliable and reputable brokers if you aim at gaining any reliable information and connections.
If you cannot find any referrals from any of the above, then you may find help through the yellow pages or the many other directories that are usually available.…

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Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are several options available when you are looking for a carpet cleaning company. The variety is based on the variations of the different methods of cleaning on the market. The carpet cleaning industry’s central certification body, the IICRC recognizes several methods of carpet cleaning. These methods include the following:

* Shampoo: a method using a shower fed rotary brush scrubber, that dispenses a solution that cleans the carpet.

* Bonnet cleaning: a solution is (always a water based solution) applied with a pump sprayer and a clean pad or “bonnet” is rotated over the carpet transferring the soil into the pad. (this method is the basis of most dry cleaning advertised as “dry cleaning”)

* Dry particle method. In this method, a corn husk (or other dry carrier) is ground up and a solvent is applied to them. This powder is then applied to the carpet and then vacuumed up taking along with it the carpet soil.

* Hot water extraction or steam cleaning. In this method, the carpet is cleaned using a portable or truck mounted cleaning machine that injects hot water to the carpet surface with a row of inline sprayers. Right next to these sprayers is a suction port that extracts the spent solution to a holding tank.

All of these methods (according to the IICRC) require the carpet to be vacuumed before it is cleaned. It is a fact that 80% of carpet soil is dry particles that must be vacuumed out before cleaning.

One way to clean carpet is to use a commercial pile lifting vacuum cleaner. Following this vacuuming multi brush machine that spins both clockwise and counter clockwise is used to apply or cleaning solution. After allowing this solution to dwell the suspended soil is extracted using the hot water extraction method listed above.

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