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Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home Decor

Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home Decor

Buying new carpets can be quite a large investment. Selecting a carpet which would fulfill all your requirements and needs is a fairly complex job. It should always be kept in mind that practicality of the carpets should be given highest priority than just the appearance and overall look of them. The colors should also not be ignored as a mismatch with the room decoration would completely spoil the beauty and elegance of the carpets. The color scheme should be kept in mind when buying the carpet for your home. The whole room area, the decoration and size of the room should be considered important. A carpet which would go by all these aspects would certainly make your room more beautiful and elegant.

In the house rooms with high traffic, mostly loop carpets are preferred over other carpets. Loop carpets are also called level loop carpets, as they are made up of loops of equal heights. The loops of same height and leaving them uncut makes the surface durable and more flexible to damage and to track the marks created by walking or vacuum cleaning.

The cut and loop type of carpets, also called multi-level loop, is very famous for home usage. In this variety, different heights of loops are used. Some loops are left uncut while others are not which gives the different patterns and designs. This kind of carpet is mostly used in areas of low traffic due to its inability to resist tracking marks but it has a soft and smooth texture making it just perfect for the living areas.

Saxony is another type of carpets that is very soft and supple. In this type of carpet, tufts of heavy yarn are firmly twisted and then softened with heat. As heavy yarns are used in Saxony carpets, these carpets are thick and warm which makes them very comfortable for home decor. Textured Saxony is however much more heavily twisted and textured. It is durable and attractive which makes it just perfect for high traffic areas and for business settings.

Velvet, cut-pile or Plush carpets are best for the formal settings. In plush carpets, all the tufts of yarn have equal height which gives a uniform surface. Marks are fairly visible on cut-pile carpets since the pile can move to any direction.

No matter which carpet you choose for your home, it should completely compliment the decor of the house.…