5 Tips On Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Lifestyle

5 Tips On Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Lifestyle

1. Choose flooring that suits your life style. Whether you are a single person living alone or run a family of children and animals you must consider the type of life style you have when purchasing carpet. There are many carpets out there that are designed to withstand more wear and tear, these can be a great investment if your home is often filled with a lot of little feet running around carrying the outside world with them.

2. Choose a fiber that best suits your needs

• Wool is the most expensive carpet on the market and one should consider not purchasing wool if they have little children or animals aa cleaning wool carpet can be tricky. To properly clean wool carpet it is advisable to get professional cleaners in as using the wrong products such as bleach can damage the carpet severely. If however you have a quieter home and have the type of life style that can cater for wool carpet then this carpet can be quite a luxury as it is so soft and lushes.

• Nylon carpet unlike wool carpet is very durable for high traffic areas in your home as it is stain resistant and easy to clean. It is also much cheaper than wool carpet and easy to install, nylon also retains its rich color and textures better when stored away and will not deteriorate quickly.

• Olefin Carpet is a highly durable and stain resistant carpet that absorbs moister well and reacts well to cleaning products such as bleach however may not feel very nice to walk on unlike the wool carpet. This carpet is great for bathrooms, kitchens and office spaces, not ideal for lounge rooms or bedrooms.

• Polyester Carpet is a great carpet to use for bedrooms and lounge rooms as it feels soft and comfortable on the feet as well as being stain resistant. The downside of polyester is that it attracts dirt much easier however so if considering polyester it would be wise to invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

3. Purchasing a bargain may not be a great as it seems. Everyone loves a bargain however when it comes to carpet it is advisable to avoid buying cheap carpet as they will not last the distance. Cheap carpets run the risk of being damaged quickly and will require the owner to replace the flooring prematurely incurring further costs.

4. Remember your surroundings, before carpeting and area remember that the carpet you choose must compliment the d?�cor rather than clash so it is crucial to choose textures and colors that suit your home. When entering a carpet store you will notice there are hundreds of colors and textures on offer so take your time choosing them, even considering bringing in photos of your home so you can use them as a guide to choosing the right carpet.

5. Finally choose a carpet cleaning service to go with you new carpet as this will help keep your carpet fresh and new and you will inevitably get more use out of your carpet.