Advantages of Rooftop-Installed Commercial HVAC Systems

As a business owner, it is critical that you maintain comfort at the workplace so that employees and client can be satisfied. And while installing a commercial air conditioning unit is an eyesore, you wouldn’t want to usurp much of the workspace due to the massive HVAC model. Ordinarily, the package unit is mounted on the rooftop due to the following benefits.

Versatility and Flexibility

Rooftop commercial heating san rafael ca units are scrupulously designed modular systems. Therefore, you can have additional HVAC fixtures if you expand or distribute different units to various locations, depending on the heating and cooling needs of an establishment. Additionally, if a structure is served by multiple units at different areas, you can adjust the temperature settings and track the system’s energy consumption.

Saves Space

The roof is the ideal place to have a large HVAC system installed, for it frees up a significant space in the workplace. Because all the necessary components of a large package unit are situated in a focal cabinet, the rooftop offers the best area for installation. Besides, it the system can hardly take up as much space.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

As aforementioned, commercial HVAC package systems are modular units. Thus, you can explore their energy-saving features to bolster their performance. Other systems like those with air volume settings consume less energy by matching airflow demands with fan speed. Furthermore, you can economize improve damper durability by utilizing the outside air for cooling purposes when temperatures allow. Furthermore, you can also use programmable thermostats to control heating and cooling during the different seasons and as per the occupancy routine.

Why Plan for the Maintenance of Your Commercial HVAC Unit?

One challenge that plagues a rooftop heating and cooling unit is that it continuously gets the beat from harsh weather conditions. And although these systems are manufactured to endure the test of time, it doesn’t mean they are indestructible. To ensure the air conditioning unit serves you for the longest time possible, perform annual preventative maintenance from a professional.

Save Money

Planning for yearly maintenance works enables your heating and cooling package system to work at its peak condition, thus conserving energy. An expert HVAC technician can perform all the diagnostic procedures, clean all heat transfer channels and calibrate the unit to achieve peak performance. In fact, according to a survey by the ASHRAE, the average householder can save up to 35% of utility bills by cleaning heat transfer systems.

Eliminates Costly Downtime

A proper functioning air conditioner means you get your Return on Investment. Professionally undertaken preventative maintenance procedures adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance procedures on the unit on a pre-determined date. That ensures that equipment functions well while reducing downtime thus increasing staff productivity.

Serving your employees and clientele means you put in place the best tools to enhance office comfort. A commercial air conditioning system plays a critical role in elevating worker experience. Besides, you’ll still retain the much-required working space with aesthetically clean indoor air.