Beautify and Protect Homes with Rain Chains

One of the biggest concerns for many homeowners in Spring and Fall is cleaning home gutters, attached to roofs of homes. Over winter months downspouts often become clogged with leaves, debris, and other materials from hard winter months. It’s often a hassle to clean gutters, which requires pressure cleaning with water, from one end of the spout to the other. One of the solutions for this inconvenient problem is installing a chain downspout.

Rain chains catch water and debris, but don’t require the type of cleaning, or present the same type of inconveniences. Homeowners won’t have to climb on roofs, or clean clogged mud and debris. Due to their design they never become clogged. If leaves and debris fall on the chain, from the roof, they simply slide down the spout into water barrels below. Chains are attached to the edge of roofs, where gutters would normally be, and are stylish, and beautify the home, instead of simply serving a function.

Most are made of copper and aluminum, with cascading leaves for rain to fall down. Others are made of a series of cascading cups and chains, with flowers, butterflies, and other garden objects, such as fish, frogs, pineapples and flowers. They can also certainly reflect the personality of homeowners, with almost any objects being used, such as hearts, fairies, moons, or reflecting colors. Country settings might even use decorative spoons or tin bowls. They are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes dependent on size of gutters to be replaced. Homeowners should install chains and accessories that compliment the home, and garden spaces.

The drainage system should also be considered, especially if living in areas that experience significant rain storms. One of the benefits of a chain downspout is keeping water away from the foundation of homes, especially in those regions prone to water buildup that may leak into basements. In that case, the chain downspout may not be enough to prevent water from collecting around the home. Homeowners that suffer with this problem can install a good water drainage system, along with the downspout, diverting water away from homes.

Options for this problem include decorative metal or ceramic buckets, basins, rain barrels, or even a large bird bath or fountain beneath the downspout. Filling the barrels with rocks will also absorb some of the water, and cause slower drainage. This will prevent basement flooding, mold, and bacteria that may collect in yards and around the crevices of homes. The barrel or fountain water can later be used for watering gardens and the like.

Installation is also very easy, and does not require a handy man for installation. They provide an attractive, functional way of keeping water away from foundations, and prevent home flooding, water and mold buildup, and reduce foundational problems that lead to high repair expenses. They also beautify homes, and create aesthetics in outdoor living spaces, and garden environments, especially when using other copper or aluminum objects, such as sun dials, moons, flower sticks, and other garden objects.