Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are several options available when you are looking for a carpet cleaning company. The variety is based on the variations of the different methods of cleaning on the market. The carpet cleaning industry’s central certification body, the IICRC recognizes several methods of carpet cleaning. These methods include the following:

* Shampoo: a method using a shower fed rotary brush scrubber, that dispenses a solution that cleans the carpet.

* Bonnet cleaning: a solution is (always a water based solution) applied with a pump sprayer and a clean pad or “bonnet” is rotated over the carpet transferring the soil into the pad. (this method is the basis of most dry cleaning advertised as “dry cleaning”)

* Dry particle method. In this method, a corn husk (or other dry carrier) is ground up and a solvent is applied to them. This powder is then applied to the carpet and then vacuumed up taking along with it the carpet soil.

* Hot water extraction or steam cleaning. In this method, the carpet is cleaned using a portable or truck mounted cleaning machine that injects hot water to the carpet surface with a row of inline sprayers. Right next to these sprayers is a suction port that extracts the spent solution to a holding tank.

All of these methods (according to the IICRC) require the carpet to be vacuumed before it is cleaned. It is a fact that 80% of carpet soil is dry particles that must be vacuumed out before cleaning.

One way to clean carpet is to use a commercial pile lifting vacuum cleaner. Following this vacuuming multi brush machine that spins both clockwise and counter clockwise is used to apply or cleaning solution. After allowing this solution to dwell the suspended soil is extracted using the hot water extraction method listed above.

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