Carpet Cleaning on a Budget

Carpet Cleaning on a Budget

Carpet cleaning is an inevitable expense for every home, office, classroom, or any other indoor facilities. To ensure a well-maintained carpet, you will need to account for cleaning agents, cleaning supplies, electricity and water costs, and possibly labor costs. Also taken into the consideration needs to be the time you might spend for cleaning and maintenance.

To make sure you continue to enjoy the benefits of a well maintained, properly cleaned carpet; here are some ways to slash the costs – without cutting back on the quality of cleaning.

1. Be vigilant with preventative maintenance. Try to keep as little dirt as possible from getting onto the carpet to help lengthen the intervals between professional deep cleaning sessions. Placing foot mats at entryways will significantly decrease the amount of soil that gets inside the house and onto the carpeted area. Just make sure these mats are also properly maintained. Some homeowners even implement a no-shoes policy inside the house to further promote cleanliness.

Preventive cleaning also involves treating spots as they happen, to prevent stubborn spots and stains that might require expensive products or expert cleaning services. Most stains can be removed by blotting out excess liquid with clean towels, then treating with a mild detergent solution, rinsing off with water, and finally, drying off completely. This economical solution is highly recommended by cleaning experts for effective spot treatment.

2. Alternate cleaning methods to save on water, chemical, and energy use. Foam cleaning and bonnet cleaning can be implemented to maintain longer intervals in between deep cleaning sessions. These two cleaning methods use fewer chemicals, less water, and require shorter drying times, but can still effectively clean heavy traffic areas. However, foam and bonnet cleaning methods won’t be able to reach the deepest layer of the carpet thus still creating the necessity for deep cleaning.

3. Go green. Using homemade, organic cleaning agents can guarantee you a clean carpet without taking a heavy toll on the environment or your budget. Vinegar, lemon, salt, and baking soda are just a few pantry items that can also be used as effective carpet stain and odor removers. These items are also safe and non-toxic, making them friendly to kids, pets and the environment.

With a little creative thinking and little more elbow grease it is still possible to get that clean and attractive carpet you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank. These techniques are safe and effective on any budget.