Carpet Cleaning Supplies For Removing Wine Stains

Carpet Cleaning Supplies For Removing Wine Stains

Removing wine stains from your carpet can be fairly easy when using certain carpet cleaning supplies. You want to make sure you get to the stain right away, the longer the stain is in your carpet the harder it is to get out.

One product you can use is called wine away cleaner it is bleach free and non-toxic. Its is very easy to use you just simply spray it on and blot it with a cloth. You can also use this cleaner for removing wine stains from clothes, upholstery, and a linen table cloth.

You can also use house hold products to remove a stain. Mix a whole cup of water with a half cup of hydrogen peroxide, then add a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Simply pour into a spray bottle and shake well. Before using the spray take a cloth and soak up the wine as much as you can. Spray the solution on the stain, once the stain is clear use water to wash out the peroxide, then take a dry cloth and blot until dry. It is very important that you wash the peroxide out or it will bleach your carpet.

Another way to remove a stain is by putting table salt on it. You want to pour a good amount on the stain so that it can absorb it. Let the salt sit there for a few minutes then vacuum it up, if you still have wine on your carpet just simply repeat the steps until the red is out of your carpet. When you get all of the red out of your carpet vacuum the rest of the salt up, now simply take a warm cloth and blot the carpet and you will be done.

These are just a few ways and cleaning supplies that you can use to remove wine stains on your carpet.