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Carpet Cleaning for Commercial Properties

Carpet Cleaning for Commercial Properties

Carpet is commonly found in many office buildings and other commercial properties. Keeping it clean and well maintained is important to protect your investment. Professional carpet cleaning allows commercial property owners to maintain the appearance and extend the life of their carpet. Proper cleaning will also improve the indoor air quality of your building.

Many commercial properties include carpeting in some area of the building. Usually, these carpets feature a low pile and are constructed from commercial grade materials that are designed to handle high foot traffic and large amounts of dirt accumulation. Wall to wall carpeting is found in many buildings and creates a comfortable, warm atmosphere for your employees and visitors. Routine cleaning and proper care of your carpet is essential to preserving the appearance and extending the life of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning services also allow you to maintain a healthy indoor environment within your facility.

Preserve the Appearance of Your Carpet: There are many reasons for installing carpet in a commercial property. It adds color and warmth to the area, lessens the incidences of slips and falls, and reduces noise. When a customer enters your commercial property, the last thing they want to see is dirty, stained carpet. This type of neglect can negatively impact the overall impression a client has of your company. Routine cleaning and proper maintenance insures that your facility looks neat and welcoming to all who enter.

Vacuuming is the single most effective method to keep carpets clean. A routine cleaning schedule can eliminate more than 80% of all dry soil by weight. Periodic deep extraction cleaning and spot removal should occur as well. It is much better and more cost effective to provide routine maintenance to your carpets than it is to restore ones that have been damaged by neglect.

Extend the Life of Your Investment: Carpeting can be a big expense. Preventative maintenance is essential for long-term performance and longevity. High traffic areas must be given considerable attention to ensure that the integrity of the carpeting remains intact and permanent damage is not done. A professional cleaning company will vacuum daily, apply spot treatment, and periodically, deep clean to protect your investment and keep it looking good for years to come. Be sure that your cleaning company uses equipment that is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). These products are proven to clean properly and protect a facility’s carpet investment.

Maintain a Healthy Indoor Environment: Dust, dirt, and dander that circulates through your building gets trapped in your carpet. Over time, these contaminates build up in the fibers of your carpet. Routine vacuuming and carpet cleaning removes this type of pollution from your facility and keeps it out of your air. A cleaner carpet means cleaner air and fewer allergens to aggravate the occupants of your building.

There are some carpet cleaners that can negatively impact the air quality of your facility. Avoiding products with high volatile organic compounds (VOC) is essential for maintaining a safe air quality in your building. Choose a commercial cleaning company who offers green cleaning solutions that will thoroughly clean and sanitize your facility without harming the health of your employees or clients.

Don’t leave your carpet care to just anyone. Locate a commercial cleaning company in your area who has the equipment and skills needed to clean and maintain your carpet correctly.…

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The Right Way of Oriental Carpet Or Rug Cleaning

The Right Way of Oriental Carpet Or Rug Cleaning

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that homes are incomplete without right types of carpets and rugs. It is due to these carpets and rugs that many people fulfill their dream of living in a stylish and elegant home. However, there is something important about rugs and carpets that should never be overlooked by a buyer. The thing is that you will have to clean these rugs and carpets after short intervals to prolong their life.

Although carpet and rug cleaning is not a simple task, it has to be done by all. Here, it is important to mention that many people think they can handle this cleaning task on their own. No doubt, there are certain rules, tips, and guidelines that help you get things done in a more effective way. But, sometimes, the idea of cleaning rugs and carpets on your own can cost you a lot.

The reason is that many people think all carpets and rugs are cleaned in a similar fashion, but that’s not true. There are different methods in practice for different types of cleans and rugs. For instance, if you have oriental rugs or carpets in your home, you can never clean them in the good old way. You have to do things differently to get rid of dust particles embedded in your rugs. However, if you are still interested in cleaning your rugs on your own, keep following things in mind.

o First of all, you have to understand that your oriental rugs and carpets are quite delicate and rough handling can damage them for good. This is why it is important to first educate yourself about the right way of cleaning these types of rugs or carpets.

o In order to clean your rugs, you should take them out and place them on a flat surface. Now, it’s the time to use your vacuum cleaner on both sides of your oriental rugs or carpet.

o You can also consider shampooing your rugs using a mild liquid soap. Mild detergent can also be used in this situation. But, stay away from using strong detergent as they come with such chemicals that can be damaging for your delicate oriental rugs.

o You should use a soft brush to rub on your oriental rugs or carpets in a linear motion. Make sure you don’t use too much pressure as hard scrubbing is not good for your carpets and rugs.

This is the right way of cleaning your oriental rugs or carpets. Though it looks simple, but you can see how careful you have to be. You should scrub it gently, rub it in the right direction, and use right type of detergent or soap. Since you have to do things with great care, it is advisable to get in touch with a professional rug and carpet cleaner. The good thing is that these companies come with liability insurance, so even if they do some damage to your precious oriental rug, you can ask them for monetary compensation. So, use their services and get your rugs cleaned in the right way.…

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Best Carpet Steam Cleaners Under $300 – How to Choose the Right One

Best Carpet Steam Cleaners Under $300 – How to Choose the Right One

Even if an individual is on a tight monetary budget, the sum of $300.00 is more than enough to purchase a high quality carpet steam cleaner. There are numerous manufacturers of carpet steamers; however, two of the most well known producers are Hoover and Bissell. Most individuals agree that investing in one’s own steam cleaner is more cost efficient than hiring the services of a professional two or three times a year. Before an individual makes a purchase he or she should calculate the annual cost of the formulas and mixtures that will be necessary to purchase for the cleaner. This will ensure that a person does not exceed their $300.00 budget.

With so many models available on the market, it can be difficult to choose a single, particular model. Reading professional and customer written reviews about models that interests you can provide an ideal starting point for a consumer to begin their search. Most important online retail sites, such as Amazon, will provide these types of reviews. Reading these reviews allow an individual the chance to ascertain others’ experiences with a particular model, as well as the steamer’s reputation for efficiency, durability, and the manufacturer’s reputation for customer service.

There are different models of carpet steam cleaners that are designed for different purposes. The accessories that a particular model is accompanied by will determine how many different functions it can be used for in addition to cleaning carpets, such as wallpaper removal or the cleaning of tile floors. Some models are designed particularly for the destruction of dust, allergens, and mold, but other models are designed specifically for the removal of pet urine and feces stains. The particular function that a model has will determine if it exceeds an individual’s $300.00 budget.…

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What Are the Different Carpet Styles?

What Are the Different Carpet Styles?

Depending on your circumstances the choices are vast;

Cut pile plush, twist, loop pile, sisal, high low loop and level loop, textured loop, hard twist, frieze or shag carpet?

Cut Pile Plush:

To achieve this style of carpet, the tops of the loops are cut which makes the pile stand upright giving a smooth surface, often referred to as ‘plush’ pile. The yarn of the carpet has a slight twist which is heat or chemically set. This gives the carpet a look of luxury. A characteristic look of this style of carpet is it has a tendency to show shading from footprints and vacuuming, due to the way if reflex light. This shading has no harmful effect on the carpets performance.

Cut Pile Twist:

These carpets are made with a longer yarn that is twisted and also has a random kink which causes the pile to lay in various directions. This reflects light differently to give a mottled appearance. Because of the textured finish it shows less traces of shading and tracking than a cut pile plush carpet will show. Twist piled carpets are hard wearing and maintain their finish.

Loop Pile:

This is a carpet where the carpet pile forms a loop. This style is formed by threading through the carpet backing then sewn back through which creates a yarn with a loop. This style is made from 100% loop pile tufts of fibre, none of which are cut. These carpets are hard wearing, durable and do not tend to show tracking or footprints as other carpet types.


Sisal, also known as ‘cord’ is another type of loop pile but has the textured loops made in straight rows or random patterns. These loops can vary in height to create interesting and varied textures and patterns. With it’s classical and uniform appearance and flexibility to any interior this is a very popular style of carpet.

High Low Loop:

This textured cut and loop carpet with varying heights gives a textured finish to the carpet. Cut and loop carpet comes in many variations that have different patterns. Carpets manufactured with a high/low pile makes for an extremely durable carpet.

Cut Pile and Level Loop:

Also known as carved or sculptured pile. It s basically a cut pile carpet with areas of loop pile designed into it. This carpet style is manufactured with a combination of cut tufts and level loops. Which produce a smooth feeling carpet with a stylish finish. Using various colours can produce a range of patterns and designs.

Cut Pile and Textured Loop:

To create a carpet with a textured and patterned appearance the carpet is manufactured a cut pile and loop tufts of different heights.

Hard Twist of Frieze:

The hard twist style is also known as frieze or curled pile. I has a cut pile with a textured finish which is formed by highly twisted tufts that curl slightly at the pile surface. The yarn is tightly twisted then heat set which forms a textured look to the pile.


The tufts of the pile are very long and create a low density carpet as the tufts are more open than other carpet construction.

It is your choice at the end of the day so choose wisely and get some expert carpet advice before you buy.…

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Selecting The Right Home Carpet

Selecting The Right Home Carpet

The value of any home can be increased with the inclusion of well chosen home carpet. It represents a long-term investment, so it makes sense to take your time when deciding which carpet to purchase.

You Unique Situation

Every home and every family is different. Some people leave their shoes delicately at the door, others have teenaged boys in footy boots walking through the house. Rooms can be gathering places for kids watching DVDs or couples holding elegant dinner parties. Which is yours?

The type of traffic and wear and tear that your flooring will be subjected to should play a big role in your carpet decision. Be realistic in choosing colours, styles and fibres, and you will be more relaxed about its maintenance.

See and Touch Samples

When deciding which carpet to buy, actually seeing samples in your home is always a good idea. The light at home could be very different to that in a carpet store, and by doing this the colours of the furnishings you want to compliment can be included in your visualisation of the finished room.

This is a good way to eliminate the guesswork from your choice.

Most reputable suppliers will allow you to borrow samples – some will even bring them to you!

Visit Different Showrooms

The best way to really learn the differences between prices, quality and services of different carpet suppliers is to visit their showroom – either physically or online. Ask about details such as costs, underlay and installation.

Seize the opportunity to quiz a salesperson about the advantages and disadvantages of a specific carpet. Compare their answers to those of other suppliers in order to find consensus on what will be best for your physical and financial situation.

Confirm All Costs

An accurate budget will take into account all the related costs involved with installing your new home carpet. These include removal of the old and cost of the new carpet, along with the underlay and laying costs. Sometimes you will need to consider whether carpentry work is needed around skirting boards or if doors need to be modified to allow for the height of the new carpet.

Buyers who are clear regarding their budgets are able to narrow down their focus and also avoid accumulation of excessive costs.

Installing new home carpet can really set off a home DIY project. Just like painting, it gives instant gratification – it looks dramatically different from the moment its in place. Few things spell warmth, comfort and luxury as does new, soft carpet.…

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What a Good Carpet Cleaning Includes

What a Good Carpet Cleaning Includes

Carpet Cleaning Steps

There are hundreds of carpet cleaning companies out there and you could very easily choose a questionable company that will take advantage of you. This article will help you understand what a GOOD cleaning includes. Make sure you understand each of the steps in the cleaning process. And make sure you ask questions!!!

The following is the very minimum that a carpet cleaner should perform. Do not accept any less.

Step 1 – Vacuuming the carpet before doing anything else! This removes solid waste on the surface of your carpet and allows the cleaning agents to work on the touger, harder to get soils.

Step 2 – Spray the carpet with a strong detergent that will break down tough soils deep in the carpet fibers. Pre spray should dwell in the carpet for about 15 minutes so the chemicals will break down the dirt and break them free from the carpet fibers. If the pre spray doesn’t dwell long enough, it cannot break down the dirt.

Step 3 – Agitate the pre spray deep into the carpet fibers. Agitation can be with a push broom, or a rotary machine. This step significantly improves results. Agitation does not take long but is definitely necessary.

Step 4 – Extract the pre spray along with the soil that it has broken down. This step includes steam water that rinses out the carpet. The carpet should not stay very wet because high powered extraction machines are powerful enough to extract about 85% of the water.

Note: This is for a basic carpet cleaning. Pet odor and stains require other specialty steps. Also, spotting is another process that is generally extra.

Other steps that can be used in this process but are not necessary are: grooming the carpet and turning on air movers to improve drying times. Some carpet cleaners will assist with furniture moving. For elderly customers, a cleaner should ALWAYS be considerate enough to help moving furniture. These steps are not necessary but drastically improve the quality of the job.…

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Removing Odor From Your Oriental Carpet

Removing Odor From Your Oriental Carpet

Oriental carpet will be great choice of home accessories that surely will make your interior decor more attractive. However, the attractiveness will be easily gone when bad odor develops from this home accessory. Usually, odor is developed from dust, high humidity, or from any spilled things such as sauce, coffee, ice cream, or even pet urine. Whenever you smell and notice the odor in your carpet, you should immediately clean the carpet to remove it. Here are some simple tips that you can follow to easier you removing odor from this home accessory.

Before start cleaning the carpet, you need to prepare some supporting things. They are water, vinegar, sponge or brush, rug shampoo or liquid soap, and also duster. You can start cleaning as soon as those supporting items are available.

The first thing to do is dusting the carpet. It will be useful to make your oriental carpet free from any dirt, debris as well as crumbs before you start to deep clean it. You can use your duster to remove all dirt on your carpet.

Second, find out certain spot where the odor comes from. Mostly, odor comes from any stained area that might resulted from any spilled sauce, coffee, or many other else. Focus on cleaning the smelly spot if the odor comes from that certain area. However, if the entire part of your carpet is smelly, you need to clean the entire part carefully.

Third, you need to shampoo the rug by using a mixture of cool water and liquid soap or specific rug shampoo. Coat the entire part of the rug. Then, you can scrub it gently with your sponge or brush. Do not scrub it too hard since it might makes the fine fibers of the carpet damage. Then, rinse it with clean water to remove the residue of the soap, and air-dry it.

Fourth, rinse the carpet by using vinegar. You can mix a cup of white vinegar with a gallon of cool water first, and then use it to rinse the rug well. Vinegar will help you to remove and neutralize the odor well. Then, you can air-dry the carpet again.

If you do not have enough time to clean the carpet, you can also try to contact a professional carpet cleaner company. They will help you a lot in removing the odor well and professionally. Just try those tips and see how beautiful and odor-free your oriental carpet will be.…