Clean Carpet Stains Easily

Clean Carpet Stains Easily

The dreadful carpet stains! This is what women fear about in their carpets especially if it is quite a sentimental value for them. This is quite a problem for moms out there since cleaning stains in their carpet is not that easy especially if there’s also remaining odorous smell.

Home Remedies

This only means that there are materials that can be easily found right into your home. It can be detergents and other non toxic cleaning materials. Other home remedies in cleaning stains in your carpet are as follows.

Baking powder mixtures

Simply dilute baking powder using water and spray the mixture over the carpet stain. Wait for about 15 minutes until the solution eats out the stain. Dab the stain with a wash cloth or a tissue paper until you can see that the stain is removed. Just repeat the process of cleaning the carpet with baking soda and water if the stain is still there.

Vinegar mixture

Take into account that vinegar is a type of mild acid and it can also be used in removing stains on your carpet. Also, it can eliminate or neutralize odor in your carpet. The process of cleaning your carpet using the mixture of vinegar is the same as the baking powder mixture. Just make sure that you clean the vinegar on the carpet with detergent to remove the acidic smell. Just remember that you have to avoid using brushes and other abrasive materials in cleaning your carpets. This is to make sure that the carpet will not be destroyed and remember to clean it immediately.


Some of these are not that effective in carpet stains cleaning. The problem here is when the stains got stuck in the carpet for so long (maybe days or weeks) the dirt and odor is surely not that easy to clean of by home remedies.


The best solution here is to hire a carpet cleaner expert. They can easily clean your carpet since they have the equipments that are effective in washing away stains and odors on your carpet.

Also, they use cleaning products that are quite strong in erasing dirt and stains which are also child, pet and environment friendly. Chemicals being used can take off stains even if it is hard to reach since they are using new technology in carpet cleaning.

Many tips about home remedies out there but be sure that it is also safe for your kids and your family. It is also recommended to use eco-friendly products.