Closet Organization and Wardrobe Management

Closet Organization and Wardrobe Management

The kitchen may be the heart of the home but the closet is command central for creating the image you present to the world. It’s a place for function, organization and imagination.

If your closet is disorganized it’s more difficult to appear composed and prepared. You’re more likely to wear the same few outfits repeatedly – with the same combination of accessories – if you’re even taking the time to find your accessories!

If your closet is organized your morning routine is streamlined. You’re able to locate the right shoes instead of a pair that will ‘have to do’. Since everything is easy to see you can quickly try a new combination (which is technically a new outfit). What you wear will reflect your personality and creativity instead of your tight schedule and disorganization.

Your closet and wardrobe are the tools you use to look good (which generally translates to feeling good). Here are a few tips to make them work for you:

1. Everything should be visible but your best pieces should be easiest to reach. That way if you are pressed for time you can grab something reliable that makes you feel comfortable.

2. Never hang anything in the closet that needs repair or laundering. At best it will slow you down in the morning when you put it on and then have to find something else when you realize the hem is out or there’s a spot on the collar. At worst you’ll wear something that’s going to make you uncomfortable and/or self-conscious all day.

3. Remix – take a few minutes every week to discover some new combinations. That basic dress you always wear with the same jacket will look completely different with a cardigan and a scarf. Combine colors you haven’t worn together before. Switch up your shoes and jewelry. That’s what shopping at home is all about. New outfits for free!

4. Motivate! Things that ‘almost’ fit should be visible (maybe hung on the back of the bathroom or closet door) to motivate you. I know a lot of people disagree but if you pass on dessert and succeed in getting back into something that used to fit it’s like a new outfit on steroids!

5. Discard at least one item from your closet every week. Few of us have the hours it takes to completely empty the closet and examine and categorize each piece so just take baby steps. Some weeks you’ll clear out several pieces that don’t belong in your wardrobe. The goal is to eliminate anything that doesn’t serve you well and donate it to charity or a friend or try a resale shop.

A great outfit is comfortable, suitable for the occasion and tells the world about you through color and style. Show your personality with a whimsical piece of jewelry to lighten the severity of a black dress or gray jacket. Bright colors are conversation starters. Shoes that provide a pop of color add a spring to your step. A little more attention to your wardrobe can result in a substantial mood boost. A smile can light up your face — and a great outfit can light up your smile!