Closet Organization Systems: 3 Great Ideas for a Small Closet or Wardrobe

Closet Organization Systems: 3 Great Ideas for a Small Closet or Wardrobe

Finding the best closet organization systems to maximize the space in a small closet or wardrobe can be done with a little thought and planning. Accessing the space that is available as well as the look you are trying to achieve is the best place to start. As you are aware there are many kits, systems and designs available but for a small space let’s narrow it down to three choices. The choices we will look at are hanging rods, shelves and baskets.

In a small closet or wardrobe one of the best closet organization systems you can use is a hanging rod which comes standard in just about every closet. Guess what? You can replace that long boring hanging rod or add to it to best maximize your space to suit your style and taste. You can certainly add other hanging rods for a tiered look. Another idea is to make several rows of shorter hanging rods especially if you are considering adding some of the other systems like wire shelving or baskets. The best thing that the hanging rod closet system offers is that it frees up much needed space on the floor giving the illusion of a larger closet or wardrobe.

Now let’s explore our next idea for squeezing more mileage out of a small closet. Our next closet organization system is shelving. Shelving offers versatility only rivaled by the imagination. You can choose from wood shelving for a more permanent look or wire shelving for quick style changes to accommodate height and depth. If you opt for a more permanent look it can be changed easily with dividers which allow you to allocate the space as you see fit. As with the hanging rods you can have numerous shelves to allow you more access to the space on the floor under the shelving and hanging rods.

Our next idea for a closet organization system in a small closet is the use of baskets. A small collection of varied sizes and styles of baskets can help you achieve the look you want. You can utilize all the floor space under your rods and shelving for your basket system. You can designate what each basket will be for making it easy for you to easily reach or remember where certain items or a piece of clothing is stored. If you are still looking to preserve floor space then you may opt for hanging or stack-able baskets.

Each idea can work independently or they can be mixed and matched to suit your style and preference. You can get any of these closet organization systems in wood, wire, canvas or a combination of all three to turn your small closet or wardrobe into to a unique closet design that is perfect for you.