Clothes to Wear Before, During and After Pregnancy

Clothes to Wear Before, During and After Pregnancy

A woman’s sense of fashion does not have to change just because she decides to become a mother. Decades ago, maternity clothing consisted of oversized dresses and loose fitting clothing. Today, maternity clothing designers have realised that it is important for a woman to still feel attractive and fashionable before, during, and after pregnancy.

Before Pregnancy

Prior to becoming pregnant, a woman’s wardrobe choices are primarily a reflection of her personal taste and style. Women generally dress according to their body shape, keeping their personal taste in mind. A wardrobe may also vary greatly depending on a woman’s career and how she spends the majority of her free time. Let’s also not forget that a woman’s budget plays a big role in the clothing choices she makes as well.

During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the focus of fashion turns more toward providing support and comfort for a woman’s changing body. Pregnancy creates dramatic changes in weight, shape, and overall feelings of comfort. It is important for women to feel attractive and comfortable in their own skin during this life changing event. Thankfully, maternity clothing has come a long way over the decades. Today’s fashions provide clothing that is practical, comfortable, and stylish all at the same time. For example, a breastfeeding dress can be worn on a wide variety of occasions and is often available in various colours and patterns. These dresses can be comfortable in the months leading up to delivery, while serving the purpose of making breast feeding easier once the baby arrives. A breastfeeding dress can be worn throughout the entire pregnancy, and also comes in handy once a woman is trying to get back into shape after the baby is born. Having a wardrobe essential that is this versatile also keeps a woman from spending unnecessary amounts of money on a huge maternity wardrobe.

After Pregnancy

Before a woman even concentrates on losing weight and getting back into shape, her primary focus is on taking care of her new baby. For this reason, a wardrobe designed for after baby is born must be flattering, comfortable, and accessible for breastfeeding needs. A breastfeeding dress is a must for many reasons. For those occasions that call for wearing a dress, such as church or work, it’s an absolute wardrobe necessity. It can provide a stylish way for a woman to express her individuality, provide for her baby’s physical needs, and be comfortable all at the same time.

As we can see, a woman’s wardrobe does change a bit through the remarkable process of becoming a mother. However, there’s no need for a woman to lose her sense of style. Today’s modern maternity clothing provides plenty of attractive wardrobe options.