Converting the Attic

Converting the Attic

The conversion of your attic or loft is a brilliant way of making more living space without the need to move house. You can of course build an extension or a conservatory but space in the garden may be at a premium so upwards may be the ready solution. The area you will have to convert will depend on what size your home is but as long as you have a space more than 7ft in height then you can start developing. Before anything starts though you must approach the local planning people to get confirmation that there are no restrictions on your anticipated plans.

Once you have the green light from the planners then things can start happening. Whether you have decided on extra bedroom(s) or an office the converting of this redundant space will prove fruitful to you by sending the value of your home up probably by more than the actual conversion will cost. This is ideal should you ever move in the distant future.

The conversion of the loft or attic whatever you might call it does not have to be small or cramped. Sometimes there is space for two rooms but usually it is just one but a good size. More and more people are making the most of their properties by capitalizing on this extra space previously taken up by unwanted items, junk and dust! Rather than two rooms if that were possible go for a large single room perhaps a bedroom with en suite.

There seems to be no point in being cramped up when there are numerous possibilities to extend upwards. The additional space will add value to the home and give you additional living space. The possibilities for using the attic space are limited only as far as your imagination and budget.

The conversion of the unused space needs careful thought and the services of a professional architect to help you with your thoughts and ideas is a sensible move. They will be fully aware of all the pluses and minuses that may be available or not with this extra space. Their experience and familiarity with the issues concerning the building codes such as safe exit strategies and adequate access from lower levels will also prove valuable.

With many attics and lofts there is a tiny window and ceilings that slant and the whole area can be dark and uninspiring however with a little forethought and change of windows plus perhaps a skylight it can make all the difference to the room.