De-Cluttering Your Wardrobe

De-Cluttering Your Wardrobe

To de-clutter your wardrobe successfully, you need to put aside several hours and be prepared to concentrate hard. Start the day with a shower, hair wash and put some make up on (bear with me!). Take the children to school, do any necessary errands straight away and then head home to the task at hand.

First, get yourself five bin bags and label them as follows: Throw, Sell, Donate, Alter, Keep. You’re now ready to filter your entire wardrobe piece by piece. Take each garment and put it in its rightful bag.

Throw: For pieces so worn out or so ugly that there is no alternative.

Sell: Pieces that are in good condition but just don’t suit you, your body shape or your lifestyle any more. Take these to the dress exchange or put them on Ebay.

Donate: These can still be worn but hold a higher value to someone else.

Alter:You love these but they no longer fit.

Keep:You’re going to organise these beautifully for maximum usage.

Now take the pieces you are planning to keep and separate them into the two main fashion seasons – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Put your out-of-season clothes (kaftans, shorts, bikinis) away for now and focus purely on the current season. Next, start to segment the pieces by product type. Arrange dresses, trousers, tops and jackets in sections and block by colour. By now you should be getting a much clearer view of what you own. Do the same with your knitwear, jersey and accessories and don’t forget to dust the shelves and rails as you go.

Time now to try on each piece for size, style and wearability. Mix up combinations, try on entire looks with shoes and jewellery and don’t be afraid to experiment by emulating some of the key seasonal looks from magazines such as Grazia. As you’re trying on, ask yourself various questions like ‘When was the last time I wore this?’ ‘Do I still like it?’ ‘Does the style & colour suit me?’ ‘What can I wear it with?’ Depending on your answer, put it in the appropriate black bag or place neatly back in your wardrobe.

When you’ve finished take a long, hard look at what you’ve achieved and write a list of the key pieces you’re missing this season that will help make the most of what you already have. When you go shopping make sure you spend more on investment pieces and less on fast, trend-led fashion. Try out a new brand such as Acne Jeans from Sweden that’s renowned for wearable, timeless classics. Buy once, buy well is my motto.