Decluttering Your Bedroom: Organizing Your Wardrobe

Decluttering Your Bedroom: Organizing Your Wardrobe

Most people tackle the living room when they want to start cleaning up a cluttered house. After all, that’s what people see when they come to visit, and no one wants their friends thinking their house is cluttered. But there are two good reasons why the bedroom is actually one of the best places to start your decluttering efforts: (1) You spend more of your time in the bedroom than any other room in the house, and (2) It’s easier to get a good night’s sleep if your bedroom is a restful retreat from the clutter that may fill the rest of your house.


Before you can “clean up and put things away,” you have to have room to put them. So take a good look at the storage available in your bedroom. Consider the closet first. Are your clothes jammed together so tightly that you can’t even see what’s there? Even worse, when you finally manage to get them out, are they so wrinkled you can’t even wear them? If so, that’s a good place to start your organizing.

Take everything out of the closet one item at a time. You can lay things on the bed in piles depending on whether they’re skirts, dresses, blouses, or whatever. Maybe you want to separate your clothes by where you’ll wear them: to work, around the house, for dressy affairs, and such. Be sure to look at each item before you pile it on the bed. If you know it doesn’t fit you and never will, put it in a separate pile to give away to a friend or a thrift store. If you just don’t like it anymore (or maybe never did), yep, same thing: put it in a separate pile to give away to a friend or a thrift store.

Once the closet is empty, take a few minutes to wash down the walls. That task is so much easier when everything’s moved out! Consider whether you need to obtain some closet organizers; they can make a lot more room for storage. Perhaps you can hang another rod halfway to the floor. Now you’ve doubled the space for shirts and blouses! In the meantime, just pick up the piles and put things back in the closet in groups–and everything’s organized! Bet you’ll spend a lot less time trying to find what you want to wear.


The next step is to look at your dressers. After all, there are lots of clothing items that need to be put in drawers instead of on hangers. Follow the same process here: remove items from one drawer at a time and place them in appropriate piles. Don’t forget the friend/thrift store pile! The more items you get rid of, the fewer items you’ll have to find proper storage for.

This is when you should look at possible alternative storage areas. What about under your bed? Especially if you have a queen- or king-size bed, there’s a lot of space under there. You can slide storage containers under the bed out of the way. This is especially useful for storing items out of season.

Maybe you could put an attractive trunk at the food of the bed. It will hold a lot of items, maybe those bulky blankets or even extra pillows. You’ll have the added advantage of having a place to sit down and tie your shoes in the morning.

Okay, that’s enough work for now. You’ve tackled the biggest problem in the bedroom, your wardrobe. Once you’ve tamed that beast, you can move on to other ways to declutter your bedroom. But that’s a (task and a) story for another day.