DIY Winter Wardrobe – No Sewing Required!

DIY Winter Wardrobe – No Sewing Required!

Transforming Rain Boots

Winter boots can be expensive, but you don’t have to waste money on a new pair-just revamp your rubber rain boots! You’ll need a fairly large piece of warm material for the lining-check your local thrift store for vintage furs or pick out an old sweater from your closet. Once you’ve chosen your material, cut out two large squares and fit them into your old rain boots. Make sure there’s enough material to fold over top of the boot to act as a stylish trim. Now your boots are prepped for winter! Stop by a local hardware store for some shoe glue to adhere the trim in place and you’re all set.

Warm Ripped Jeans

The grunge look has once again reared its greasy head-this time in the form of ratty, beaten-down jeans with holes in the legs. This is a great look for the summer, but come wintertime, your holey jeans won’t give you much protection from the elements. To ditch the drafts while keeping the edgy look, pair your jeans with brightly colored tights. A lighter wash jean looks best with purples or blues-the key is to choose vibrant colors to offset the light jeans. The tights give the impression of patches but save you the the hassle of a needle and thread.

Tattered T-Shirts

Pull an over-sized black t-shirt from your closet as well as a tighter fitting graphic tee. Cut some thin rectangles in the front of the black shirt-some straight across and some on an angle-these are the windows that will show off the graphic tee underneath. All you need to do is make sure that the graphic is visible through the rectangles, so the black shirt accordingly. Once you’re finished cutting, through the newly-windowed black shirt over top of the graphic tee for an edgy street look akin to something you’d see on a classy street blog like the Sartorialist.