Do You Need a New Roof? Consider These Signs That It’s Time!

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your energy bill is steadily climbing. There doesn’t seem to be any real reason for it. Other than using your heater or air conditioning more, there hasn’t been any other significant changes to your energy consumption. Yet the reason for it may exactly be due to your increased use of your heater or air conditioning. Instead of just succumbing to the heat or chill, however, you may need to examine just why you have to run those systems for a long duration. A properly insulated home will keep the cool and warm air in the house for a long period. This makes the furnace and AC unit have to run a lot less. If that isn’t the case, then your home isn’t properly insulated. Part of the reason for that may be due to a damaged roof.

It can be difficult to know when your roof is damaged if you don’t notice a slant in its structure or shingles ripped off of it entirely. Your roof may be in need of a visit from some roof installers brooklyn ny without you even knowing it. This article will help you stay in the know by providing a few signs that your roof needs to be replaced.

1. Drafts

One inspection that you can perform yourself to determine if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced is with a candle. Carefully, you can move along your attic and move the candle across the inside of your roof to see if you notice any flickering of the flame. If there is some substantial flickering, then you know that the area is damaged and letting the outside air inside of the attic. This is problematic. In the case of winter, the warm air that your heater is producing is basically escaping outside through the crack. In the summer, that gap is letting in hot air. Both of these cases require your furnace and AC unit to work extra hard in order to maintain the desired temperature within your home. Luckily, gaps can sometimes be fixed by simply filling in the holes and patching the areas. If there is an extensive amount of gaps, however, the roof as a whole may need to be replaced.

2. No Granules On Shingles

Another sign that your roof needs to be replaced is if there is a lack of granules on the roof shingles. When you look at your roof and you see it sparkling beneath the sun, those are granules. They basically help protect the shingles from the brunt of the sun. This can make them last considerably longer than they would otherwise. Over time and due to harsh weather, those granules can be removed from the shingle. They often end up in your gutter and washed away. A good sign that your roof needs to be replaced with new shingles is if the granules on most of the shingles have been removed.