Fall Fashion Tips – How to Put Together a Core Wardrobe For Fall

Fall Fashion Tips – How to Put Together a Core Wardrobe For Fall

I have begun to receive fall catalogs in the mail. Have you? Since fall is my favorite season, I am always excited when they begin to arrive. My budget, however, does not jump for joy. So I take that into consideration when I begin to plan my fall wardrobe.

With careful planning, I can buy enough good-quality pieces that will mix and match without breaking the bank. Would you like some fall wardrobe advice to help you do the same? Here are fall fashion tips for creating a core wardrobe.

What Needs Replacing?

The first thing to keep in mind is what you already know you need to replace. If last year’s pants got a tomato sauce stain on them that will not come out, and those were your only pair of black pants, you may want to start your planning there.

Create a Core Wardrobe

Replacements aside, however, it is best to think in terms of creating a core wardrobe. Choose ten pieces in no less than two but no more than three or four colors and keep them in mind when the catalogs show up in the mail.

One of those colors should be a neutral color like black, tan or white and one should be an accent color like fuschia or red if you can handle intensity and mint or peach if you can’t.

One Jacket: Choose a blazer in one of your core colors with distinct lines that will go with everything – skirts, jeans, khaki pants, dresses.

One Cardigan: Since the jacket will be structured, the cardigan can be soft and fluid, like a swing jacket, or a button-up cable-knit sweater.

One Dress: Though basic black is always a good choice, most of us already have one, and could use more color in our wardrobes. Consider getting the dress in your accent color.

Two Shirts: Your shirts should not be in exactly the same style or you are likely to get bored, even if they are different colors. Pick one henley and one mock turtleneck, or crew-neck sweater.

Two Pairs of Pants: At least one pair of pants should be in a go-with-everything neutral color, but the other could be in an accent color if you want. You might want to pick the same colors as your jacket and cardigan, though, so you can mix and match.

One Skirt: Make sure the skirt is versatile enough to pair with both the jacket and cardigan, and that it will match well with at least one of the two shirts.

One Pair of Shoes: If you can get them in one of the core accent colors, that would make them a great accessory. If not, get them in your neutral color.

One Print Scarf: If possible, this print should have all of the colors in your core wardrobe. If that is not possible, look for another print piece that will do it, like a pair of earrings or a hat or jacket.

If I have added up correctly, and you buy these ten pieces in mix-and-match colors, you should be able to get at least 21 different outfits out of this new fall wardrobe. Happy shopping!