Finding the Best Deals for Affordable and Unique Condos in Montreal

Finding affordable and unique condos may seem like an oxymoron to many potential buyers, as affordability and uniqueness often seem contradictory. An affordable condo is generally ordinary, while a unique condo is often expensive, so it seems impossible to combine the two.

But, sometimes, you can have the best of both worlds. To help you find the condo you want in Montreal, it’s important to work with real estate experts who are eminently qualified to help you find the apartment of your dreams. These professionals are familiar with the various developments and neighborhoods in the city, so you’ll have a greater chance of finding a condo that’s both unique and affordable.

Your agent will be aware of developments that are currently offering special promotions, and they’ll also be able to provide you with accurate info regarding the monthly dues. They can also negotiate on your behalf to reduce the price, so you can actually afford the unit you want.

Here are some aspects of the search that you and your agent can work on together:

Market Trends

 To find a good deal for a condo, you need to know the recent and the long-term condominium trends for Montreal. That’s information you can get from your agent, as it’s a basic part of their job to be aware of these things. You can also go online and use real estate tools that can provide you with the latest data regarding markets and trends.

If you want something that’s affordable, then you may want to prioritize places where the prices are in a downtrend.


Obviously, the location of a condo development will affect the price of the unit. The problem is that often the best locations are also the most expensive. Your agent can help you balance these two factors, so that you can get a location and a condo unit price that you can live with.

This means you will need to be a bit flexible with your location needs. Ideally, your best condo choice will be closer to both your workplace and entertainment venues, but you may have to choose to be closer to just one of those.


You can reduce the price as long as you’re also willing to compromise on certain factors. These can be the size of the unit, the number and quality of the amenities, and the precise location of the condo building.

For example, a downtown condo will be more expensive, but you can cut down on the price and get a condo that’s just outside the business district. So, you can enjoy a discount and you’re still not too far from your workplace.

You and the agent can come up with a list that contains the features on which you won’t budge. You can then create another list of features on which you’ll be willing to compromise. That gives you and your agent a lot of leeway so that you can find a condo you love that’s also affordable for you.

Finding a condo that is both affordable and unique in Montreal doesn’t have to be impossible, but the key is finding the right real estate agent who will meet your needs and surpass your expectations.