How to Clean Carpets Effectively

How to Clean Carpets Effectively

The most common way we keep our carpets clean is by vacuuming them on a regular basis. But after a period of time we begin to see that more effective action is required to keep them in the same condition we originally bought them. They lose their softness and depth especially in the higher traffic areas and around the furniture. This is due to a mixture of dirt, oils and bits of food which contain fats and sugars. They all decompose to cause a sticky residue which tends to bind the carpets’ fibres. Children and pets inevitably cause more grime and dust to accumulate. Due to their exuberance more spills and accidents will occur.

Not only does the feel of the carpets change over time but one day you enter a room and you become conscious of a strange, stale smell. This terrible realization your home is not as clean as you thought causes panic. You are full of dread of what people may think when they come to visit. When you have recovered from the shock of what a professional clean will cost, you look for an alternative. For a similar cost, you can buy a carpet steam cleaner and cleaning solutions.

Before you charge ahead to use your new carpet steam cleaner, you must read the instructions and just as importantly the instructions for the cleaning solutions. If you have a new carpet which has not been cleaned before, care must be used as it will have chemicals left after manufacture. It would be advisable to just clean with water without using any cleaning solution. The steaming water from the cleaner should be enough to shed the dirt and grime from the fibres of the carpet. After the steam has been applied the steam cleaner will suck up the moisture containing the dirt.

It is best to try out your new cleaner on a part of the carpet which is not usually visible such as behind a sofa or a cabinet close to a wall. Water is heavy and the weight of the cleaner is greatly increased when you fill the clean water tank. Most cleaners only require a couple of passes to clean the carpet. If you apply too much water, it will take a lot longer to dry the carpet. For stains which cannot be drawn out of the carpet it is best to use a colour safe stain remover. Stains are always in the most visible areas of a room. Again test the stain remover in a unseen part of carpet to check if it affects the colour of the carpet. If you have children and pets and anyone who may suffer from the effects fumes from the cleaning solution, it may be wise to run the steam cleaner over the carpet again with clean water to dilute the vapours.

After you have the cleaned your carpet it is best not to put it straight away into the closet. You and your machine have worked hard clean you carpet. Unfortunately all the dirt and bites the vacuum cleaner failed to remove from the carpet which could not be dissolved are now clogging up your steam cleaner. Most cleaners are made with maintenance in mind. The brushes, nozzles and filter should all be cleaned with fresh warm water. This is an unpleasant but necessary job to keep your cleaner in excellent working order.