How to Clean Your Carpet to Prevent Dust Mites

How to Clean Your Carpet to Prevent Dust Mites

Carpet is a beautiful and comfortable flooring option that countless people love all over the country. A clean and fresh carpet is a source of pride and joy for any carpet owner. A dirty and un-maintained one though can not only dampen the look of any room, it can also be the source of allergens such as dust mites which can trigger a host of respiratory issues from you or your family.

Preventing and eliminating dust mites from your carpet should be a big priority for all carpet owners, especially if any person living in your house already suffers from allergies. Proper cleaning techniques and perseverance is important to achieve this task. Read on below for the steps to ensure that dust mites will have no place in your beautiful carpet or home.

A� Frequent Vacuuming – Dust mites and other parasites thrive in dirty areas so it’s no wonder that they are abundant in dirty and filthy carpet. They primarily feed on dead skin cells, which can accumulate in the carpet fibers in your home if you rarely clean it. One way to combat this is by frequently vacuuming your carpet in order to not only remove the pests that are inhabiting there but also to prevent them from flourishing. Vacuuming your carpet will prevent the dust and dirt build-up that contribute to the dust mite population. Vacuuming a minimum of one and up to five times a week for commonly used areas should help eliminate those pests from your carpet.

A� Steam Cleaning – Another effective way to remove dust mites from your carpet is by using the steam cleaning method. This technique makes use of a steam cleaning machine which utilizes high temperature steam to clean and remove the dust and dirt from the carpet fibers. This is effective since it can penetrate the deep layers of the carpet, areas that can be difficult to reach even with heavy-duty vacuum cleaners. The use of steam cleaning will ensure that all of the possible allergens found within the fibers of your carpet are removed. You should be left with a clean carpet that you and your family can continue to enjoy without fear of any allergic reactions.

If you have a problem with dust mites, then try these two effective ways to eliminate those harmful parasites from your carpet. You will be able to protect your family as well as help maintain the good condition of your carpet in the process.