Looking for Second Hand Carpet? Five Tips to Choosing the Best Quality

Looking for Second Hand Carpet? Five Tips to Choosing the Best Quality

1. Buy commercial carpet rather than domestic. The carpets are predominantly heavy-duty wool because wool wears very well. It also contains less toxicity on flame than synthetic carpets. Commercial wool carpet comes from high-rise office blocks and this carpet is designed for hundreds of people daily to walk on. When it is relayed into a domestic environment normally two adults, maybe four kids and a couple of dogs walk on it. This is still nothing in comparison to what it is designed to take. The architectural specifications on carpet for these buildings are second to none.

2. When buying carpet, don’t use feel as a guide. Feet should be used to judge, not fingertips. In order to tell how much weave there is dig your finger nails in to try and feel the backing which gives you a good indication of how much carpet there is per square inch. You can work out the quality of the pile this way.

3. Remember that only 33.3 per cent of your floor is seen after furniture goes in. This means you can get away with colour variations a lot more, so using second hand carpet makes total sense.

4. There are certain videos out there that can give you instructions on how to install carpet but it is an OH&S job. Irrespective of new or second hand, quite simply, don’t do it yourself. Leave it to the professionals.

5. Speak to your carpet company about where your furniture is going. Your entry hall, lounge room and dining room are the most noticeable areas for your floor coverings because there will be less furniture on these areas. Bedrooms are generally hidden with beds and wardrobes etc. The carpet company can cut second hand commercial carpet around your specifications.