Making Your Choice When it Comes to Carpet

Making Your Choice When it Comes to Carpet

The number of choices available when it comes to carpets in Tamworth will likely be numbering in the hundreds. There are so many different factors to consider when you are making your choice that you may get overloaded with reading about different threads, fibres, colours and textures. We have tried to get together the information regarding the different options that are available, this should hopefully help in making your decision that little bit easier.

Type of Carpet.

There are two main ways that carpets used in the UK are made, they are either tufted or woven with both methods having their advantages. Woven carpets are generally better quality and more expensive due to the more labour intensive way that they are produced. As a result they have a better appearance and will usually last longer. Tufted carpets on the other hand are much easier to produce due it basically being fed through a large machine. The benefits of tufted carpets are that they can be produced in a wider variety of colours and patterns and are suitable for all types of yarn.

Carpet Style.

The type of pile that is used on the carpet is ultimately what is going to decide on its texture, comfort and durability. There are a number of pile types for you to choose from, each having different characteristics. Loop pile carpets are manufactured so that their appearance is similar to natural fibres, they are not advisable in homes with pets as they can spoil quite easily when claws are going over. Twist piles are made with a rough finish to give a much coarser feel to the carpet. A velvet pile is a densely made one and as a result has a very soft and smooth feel. Similarly a Saxony pile is also smooth but due to the yarn being slightly twisted, it is more durable.

Carpet Material.

The material of your carpet will be natural, synthetic or a mixture of the two. Wool is the most common natural material that is used and provides a lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish. There are a variety of synthetic materials used but the main ones are nylon, polyester, acrylic and polypropylene. Carpets made from these materials will usually be more durable and easier to clean than those made from natural materials.

There are obviously going to be other, practical factors that will influence your decision when you are looking for carpet in Tamworth but the above information should provide you with a little more insight into the technical factors.