Methods of Cleaning and Restoring a Carpet

Methods of Cleaning and Restoring a Carpet

No matter how careful we are with the care and maintenance of our carpets, sooner or later they will require a thorough cleaning. Dirt and grim will eventually build up and find their way deep into carpet fibers, causing your once-vibrant carpet to appear dull and drab. Depending on the type of carpet you own and the location that it is in, careful consideration must be made as to the right method to clean it and at what cost.

First, you must figure out the size and material from which the carpet is made. There may be certain cleaning requirements for carpet made with specific materials. It is suggested that you obtain quotes a few different carpet cleaning companies and find out the methods that they intend to clean the carpet. Make sure the companies you bring in to quote are reputable and have extensive experience in carpet cleaning and restoration. Also be sure the methods they mention are not low-cost or “special” services that could prove costly in the long run. An honest carpet cleaning company will detail exactly what they need to do in order to get your carpet as clean as possible while preserving the integrity of the carpet adhesive and threadwork.

If you have an older carpet that is fragile, yet worth restoring, a professional carpet restoration company can devise a method of cleaning and removing all dirt and grime from the carpet. Depending on the material from which the carpet is made, it may be better to perform a total dry cleaning. In other cases, however, a wet shampoo or steam cleaning may be the best option.

When it comes to deep cleaning a carpet, you should always consult the professionals. For everyday maintenance, weekly vacuuming should be enough. Regular vacuuming ensures that loose dirt and dust is removed before it has a chance to settle in to the deep pile of the carpet. You may also wish to rent a carpet steamer or shampooer from your local department store for biannual or annual cleaning. If you choose to do this, make sure your carpet is able to withstand the heat and the water. Your best bet is to have a professional carpet cleaning company perform any deep cleaning such as shampooing or steaming. Furthermore, the professionals have access to non-toxic cleaning agents that they use with their deep cleaning machines that are not available to everyday consumers. Your best bet for a thoroughly cleaned carpet is by hiring a reputable carpet cleaning and restoration company.

You’ll be so amazed at what a professional carpet cleaning company can do for your carpet, you’ll ask them back to clean the upholstery of your furniture. A professional cleaning and restoration can bring an entire room back to life. The colors and the look of the carpet and upholstery will be as vibrant as the day you bought them.