Now is a Perfect Time to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

Now is a Perfect Time to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

Starting your own business has always been the goal of many individuals who would like more control of their financial future. This has never been more true as we endure the current recession. Obviously the big question is what business to start. The purpose of this article is to explain why Carpet Cleaning is a great business venture to consider.

I would like to preface this with the fact that Carpet Cleaning is a meat and potatoes business. This is not a get rich quick off the internet while sitting in front of your computer. This is real manual labor that can be dirty and messy at times. However, it is a real business that can provide a substantial income along with a satisfaction of a job well done that many other businesses could never provide.

So if the thought of real work with real income and job satisfaction sounds enticing then please read on. There are many important considerations to consider when starting a business, and I am going to show you why there has never been a better time to start a carpet cleaning business.

There have been many advancements in carpet cleaning in the past decade, but none more important than encapsulation cleaning. Encapsulation cleaning is a cleaning chemistry that actually encapsulates the dirt in microscopic crystals that are easily vacuumed out once dry. Why is this such an important advancement in regards to starting a business? Simply because the entire process of carpet cleaning has been revamped. No longer do you need a big expensive extraction unit to rinse and suck out the dirt while cleaning. These units can cost upwards of $20,000, and that is not even taking the large van needed to haul the unit in. With encapsulation, you can fit all of your equipment in small SUV or van. More importantly, the equipment needed to clean with this method is very affordable and very easy to use. You can buy all the equipment and supplies you need to run this business for under $5,000 easily. Of course this price depends on the quality and quantity of equipment you get. Either way, when compared to the cost of traditional HWE’s (Hot Water Extractors) it is a much more economically viable option for many.

How well does it clean? That’s the exciting thing about the recent advancements in encapsulation cleaning. You can be confident that you will be able to remove dirt and stains with even the best of truck mounted HWEs. Plus, the carpets you clean will be dry in about 30 minutes to an hour. People hate wet carpets, but have accepted it as a part of carpet cleaning. You can now offer them another more attractive choice. Combine that with the fact that the cleaning is done completely in-house, with no hoses running through open doors, and you can see that you will be able to offer them a real reason to choose you over the competitor. That is because 90% of your competition will be truck mount units.

Finally, carpet cleaning is a recession-proof business. The reason for that is because when the economy slows, those people that were planning on buying new carpets, will in turn get their current carpets cleaned. Powerhomebiz named carpet cleaning one of the top 10 business to get into.

Carpet cleaning is a viable business with great growth and income potential. Now with the advent of this new technology, it has become a very affordable option for many entrepreneurs.