Prochem Cleaning Machines

Prochem Cleaning Machines

Prochem are a worldwide manufacturer of heavy duty cleaning machines and chemicals. Their products range has machines that are suitable for use in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. These machines range from small, handheld units for quick response or hard to reach places to truck mounted machines which power steam or pressure cleaners.

One of the smallest Prochem machines is the Spot Pro. This is a compact extraction unit which can quickly and effectively deal with spills and stains. This can be used on upholstery as well as carpet flooring. It is entirely self contained as it has storage for rinsing solution and the recovered waste water. During use the unit wets and rinses the carpet or upholstery and vacuums up the waste water. If your business involves cleaning carpet flooring or upholstery for your customers they are sure to be impressed with the quick response time and top notch end result.

At the opposite end of the scale for portable Prochem machines is the Steempro range. These machines are fitted with wheels as they are too large to carry. They have castors on the front for steering and larger non-marking wheels at the bach on a fixed axel. This allows the operator to pull the machine behind them up a flight of stairs without damaging the flooring.

For even heavier duty tasks truck mounts are the answer. These units are too large to be fitted into a portable housing but they can be fitted to a platform with wheels as opposed to a truck or van in order to use them in areas which are not accessible by vehicles. The Everest truck mount is a fine example of the range. The unit generates 3000psi from its 46hp Nissan engine. This makes light work of cleaning all types of hard surface and pressure washing.

Prochem also provide a range of cleaning chemicals to support the range of Prochem machines. These include a range of powder and liquid detergents for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning chemicals, deodorisers, sanitizers and other cleaning chemicals including a series of products which use natural ingredients for cleaning surfaces which may be damaged by a chemical with a high PH.