Professional Quality Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Professional Quality Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Don’t you and your family deserve a clean home environment?

Vacuuming just isn’t enough. Carpets require a regular deep-clean to keep them looking their best, to prevent them harbouring dirt, germs or allergens and keep them lasting for years. Even the best vacuum cleaners only remove a small fraction of the deep down dirt, mildew, dust mites and allergens lurking in your carpet, and they don’t remove stains or odours such as pet or cigarette smells. This is why deep carpet cleaning is so important.

Professional carpet cleaning machines and solutions eradicate dirt and microorganisms by providing a thorough deep-clean, leaving your carpets and upholstery feeling soft and looking and smelling fresh. The majority of these professional machines are easy to use and cost effective when renting or buying. No longer will you have to spend hours trying to scrub the stains and smells out of your carpets with expensive cleaning products that don’t work efficiently. The difference between vacuuming and using a professional carpet cleaner really is astonishing. Your friends and family will most probably mistake your professionally cleaned carpet for a brand new one.

For as little as A�30 you can hire a carpet cleaning machine for 24 hours. A small price that is certainly worth paying when it’s going to keep your home looking and smelling fresh and most importantly provide a safe and healthy environment for your family to live in. Carpet cleaning machines can also clean the hard to reach areas which are often missed when vacuuming. They work by injecting cleaning products and hot water deep into your carpet. The unique vibrating brush on the carpet cleaner then works in an oscillating motion to agitate the carpet deep down to loosen tough ground-in dirt and grime. The powerful vacuum extraction then removes this dirt and moisture, removing 80% of the cleaning solution so carpets and upholstery can be dry within two hours. This unique process leaves your carpet pile fluffed up and looking and smelling great.

There are now specific carpet and upholstery detergents that are specially designed to be used in professional carpet cleaning machines. These are created with what is known as a ‘SpotBlok’ stain protection substance. This ingredient is designed to not only clean and brighten your carpets and fabrics, but also protect them against stains and spills long after the carpet cleaning process. Let’s face it, although it’s disheartening accidents do happen and your carpet is going to become stained at one point or another. This is why an ultra effective range of carpet stain removers have been created to cover any type of stain imaginable.

Replacing the carpets throughout your home can be an extremely costly process which can now be avoided thanks to the modern carpet cleaning machines now available. To make the process even easier, these professional machines are available to hire or purchase from a store that is approximately just a 10 minute drive away from all UK homes and they can also be ordered online. With the professional carpet cleaning machine it’s easier than ever to have clean and hygienic carpets.