Questions to Ask When Hiring A Moving Company

Moving can be such an exciting time in a person’s life. You may move because you are moving out for the first time and embarking on adulthood. You may be moving because you are experiencing a career advancement or change. You may be moving because you are starting a family and looking for a larger home. Whatever the reason that you may be moving you will need to find a moving company.

If you are seeking local moving Denver CO has many options to pick from. You will want to base the type of company you are choosing off the type of move you are going to be making. Some companies may not do long distance moves while others will but will require fuel for the return trip. Some moving companies cannot facilitate large moves because they may not have extra-large sized trucks. When you are looking into local moving companies be sure to have information about your move ready for the moving technician, so they can determine if they can handle your move.

When you are selecting a moving company, you will have a few inquiries that you will need answered prior to booking your move. Be sure to ask about insurance and damage coverage. While many companies strive to never break a belonging or dink a wall, it can happen. You will want to know their policy if something like this should happen. Also inquire about the size of moving trucks. If you have less items, you may require a smaller truck. Smaller trucks typically cost less than larger trucks. You will also want to ask about the moving crew. How many people will be facilitating your move and what is the estimated amount of time that it should take for your move. Some moving companies provide moving blankets to drape over breakable large pieces of furniture such as china cabinets, be sure to find out if these are available for you to utilize in your move. The better prepared you are for your move the smoother the move will go.

Many moving companies will require that you leave a deposit upon booking. Save all your paperwork in an easily accessible spot. It is easy to pack away paperwork for the move and then should you need it, you may not be able to get to it. A few other tips for moving would be to start packing early. If you do not have time to pack, there are packing companies that you can hire. Label all your moving boxes with the room that the contents should end up in and what is in the box. If the items in the box are breakable, then put fragile on the box. This will help the movers when stacking boxes in the moving truck. If a box is heavier than other boxes you may also want to indicate that on the box in permanent marker. Once you have your belongings packed and your movers show up just sit back and try to relax because the next step is the unpacking process.