Selecting the Perfect Carpet

Selecting the Perfect Carpet

Choosing the perfect carpet for the home can be a very confusing process. There are many styles of carpet in a myriad of colors and patterns and various qualities. A good way to learn what carpet would be the perfect match for your environment is not to ask the carpet salesman. His agenda is to move out what was the best deal his company got and therefore the highest mark up. The one to ask is the carpet cleaning professional who has seen, over the years, how every type and style of carpet has worn and repelled soil and stains. Let’s face it. He is there from the first cleaning of a new installation until the day he says, “I think its time that you replaced this one.” To help a little here is a list of the various carpets and their characteristics.

Plush. These carpets have a smooth soft appearance and show variations in the pile direction due to vacuuming and foot traffic.

Sheared. Also shows footprints and vacuum tracks. Lifetime can vary greatly depending upon the face weight. Average is about 5 years.

Textured Plush. Similar to plush but the pile variations do not show tracks and footprints

Sculptured. The varying heights of the pile create patterns in the carpet. This was a very popular carpet in the mid to latter part of the 20th Century. Not so today. Remember sculptured shag from the 70s?

Frieze. Tall twisted pile tufts. Elegant, long lasting and can be expensive.

Saxony. Very rough looking pile. These have an almost primitive look with highly visible tufts.

Berber. Looped pile. A very classic look but not recommended where kids play or pets roam as the loops can get snagged and pulled requiring professional repair.

Commercial. That carpet in your workplace that seems to look the same even after years of trips to the copy machine. Olefin fibers have added new color to this short tough pile carpeting. Worn areas are often cut out and replaced like sod without showing a seam.

Regardless of which type of carpet you choose, maintenance is paramount if you want your investment to last a long time. Find a good reputable carpet cleaning service. One that does more than show up with a steam machine and leaves only for you to see your stains reappear a week or two later. Find someone that does cleaning, deep cleaning and is a stain expert. A stain expert can identify and properly remove any type of stain with a wide variety of methods. He or she should also be a dry cleaner just in case you are having the family over on short notice and have no time to let the carpet dry.

The summary of this article is to invest in a good quality carpet, in a conservative color and pattern, that you can live with and treat it with utmost care and it will serve you well for many years to come.