Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business – Pricing and Bidding

Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business – Pricing and Bidding

When starting a carpet cleaning business another major factor will be decision of pricing and then the bidding. In this article I hope to dispel a common misconception when deciding between pricing by footage instead of a flat rate which will be the difference between repeat business and none.

Pricing and bidding will be one of the first steps that will need to be taken before starting a carpet cleaning business. Bidding will be done in the home and there are many ways that up selling will come into play at this time and all of this will be dependent upon your pricing. For those who have opted for purchasing a franchise carpet cleaning opportunity, this part of the process will not be taken into any consideration because there is already a set formula…usually footage. Going by footage is one way of pricing the work that you will be doing and the other is a flat rate.

Footage does have its place when it comes to doing commercial carpet jobs, but does this have a place in the residential? For many it does, and this is okay, but for those of us who have been around the industry long enough know that both can be used properly. Flat rate pricing can be much more rewarding for not only you the owner, but to the residential home owner as well. Those individuals who want their carpets cleaned in their home value the thought of knowing that a flat fixed fee is what they will see when you bid to do the job at hand. Let’s say you charge $50 dollars for two rooms and a hall with an extra charge of $25 dollars per room after the first two. You will beat the footage guy to death if you throw in the hallway for free, and you can add a room for another $25.

Hallways should always be free in my opinion, give away a little free and see how you are rewarded.

The average per foot is going to be between 29 and 39 cents a square foot, what if the family had moved the furniture around and now there was a few extra feet exposed. The footage guy will have a different price this trip to the home where you will have the same fee and only a few extra feet to is quality service and the reason for success with those who have been in the carpet cleaning business for a long time. When bidding a commercial job and your residential rates are per room just turn to the clock and ask yourself what your time is worth. For many this will be between $75 and $100 dollars per hour.

Pricing and bidding is an important part of starting a carpet cleaning business. Remember to always be fair in your price, it’s not like you are moving every piece of furniture in the house anyways. A quality price and a fair bid when it comes to residential homes and commercial offices goes along ways when it comes to repeat business and repeat business is where success truly is in this industry.