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Construction Prospects in Afghanistan

Construction companies in Afghanistan are of strategic importance and favor a very progressive minded approach in a fast growing environment surrounded by international exposure. It is a country that spans South Asia, Central Asia, and Western Asia. It has a very strong strategic position as there are many resources that provide great help in the construction business. It’s strategic location has made it a strong contender in business, as it is equidistantly place between Central Asia, India, and Pakistan.

The Afghan population has come close to 30 million in an area spanned across 652 square km. The progress of Afghanistan has already begun in various sectors, and especially in the world of the construction business. With so much area to cover, Afghanistan has started its progress by working on roads across various places like Kabul, Kandahar, etc. Steps are being taken by people residing in Afghanistan to make it a better place to live in; they are very hard working people who want change in their lives. Majority of the population in Afghanistan is rural population and a very little part of it is urban.

Looking at the world map, it is a business hub connects many places and forms a strategic common point for places like Europe, Asia, and Middle East. It has the best routes for transportation and logistics for trade, with all its surrounding regions by road or sea. It opens doors to many people who want to start their business in the Middle East and Asia.

Talking about construction it is the backbone behind the recovery of Afghanistan. With so many construction and materials companies coming up in Afghanistan, it surely marks the road for expansion at a rapid rate. Construction materials are manufacture with quality grade materials.

The construction business has provided employment opportunities to thousands of people in Afghanistan strengthening the economy by changing the quality of life for the resident people. Construction in Afghanistan mainly comes in from various departments like military projects, road construction, power, infrastructure, and agricultural sectors. As it is a business hub there are private organizations coming in for large-scale opportunities and residential construction.

The Government has kept construction and infrastructure development on the top list of priorities for its development and economy. Other sectors like power, water, etc are still under development in Afghanistan. Power and electricity are issues of concern as these two sectors are still not stabilize and are under crisis.

There are many projects underway with many Afghan construction companies teaming up for expertise in construction engineering and construction equipment like brick factories etc. and others specialized in irrigation systems, dams and agricultural . There are modern parks being develop for investors to invest for small, medium, and large-scale organizations. A company that is actively taking part in the construction business in Afghanistan is the Kainaat Group of Companies ; they have provided excellent engineering services in the form of engineers and designers to build national and international projects with quality.…