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Cutting Energy Bills In Your Edinburgh Flats

Adopting a green lifestyle in your Edinburgh flats to rent does not require you to take any big expensive measures. Infact as you will read on you will be surprised to know that changing your little habit’s and minor changes in your property to rent in Edinburgh will save you enough for you to go on a shopping spree. Energy prices are going up and will continue to do so. Hence wasteful habits will not only be harmful for your bank account but also to the environment. Read on and you will realize how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Turning down your thermostatBy just turning down thermostat by 1??C you can save up to 10% on your heating bills. This is easy to do; you won’t even notice the difference and is also a big saver. Another green measure you can take in your property to rent in Edinburgh is to prevent heat escaping by closing your curtains from windows and doors.

Save waterThere are a number of ways through which you can utilize water in a more energy efficient way. Check regularly to ensure that your taps don’t leak, as a leaking tap per week waste’s water equivalent to a bath. Another tip is to switch from baths to showers. Moreover, appliances like washing machines and dishwasher use a lot of water. You must use these machines at a low temperature and only when there is a full load to wash.

Don’t leave appliances on standbySwitch off appliances from the main switch in your Edinburgh flats to rent as leaving them on standby means they are still using 80% of the energy. This way you can save 10% off your bills. Hence you must leave nothing on standby.

LightsYou must make a habit of turning off lights whenever you leave the room. Moreover, switch from regular bulbs to energy saving bulbs. They last longer and save big time.

Making home improvementThese improvements will help you save big time. Double glazing windows in your Edinburgh flat will prevent heat loss and also retain heat. Investing in insulation will save you 150 a year.

A good rental agent in EdinburghHe will be aware of the local market, city, price and the quality of housing. Moreover, he will also be arranging visits for you to view the property, negotiate with the landlord and create a contract as well.

Landlord responsibilitiesHe must repair the structure and exterior of the property, heating and hot water installations, sanitary installations etc. Ensure that the gas and electrical appliances are safe. Also ensure the safety of furniture and furnishings provided under the tenancy.…