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Factors in Deciding Where You Want to Live

In order to decide where one will live, one has to generally look into the factors that will contribute to the overall quality of life one wants to lead. Here are some of the factors people consider to be important in making this decision.
The cost of living tops the list for many people. Some cities are more expensive tan others. Before settling in, one must take a hard look at one’s income versus how much it costs to live comfortably in one’s desired city. As a rule of thumb, rent should be not more than a third of one’s monthly income.
In terms of one’s professional life, there should be ample opportunities in one’s chosen field. Research should include knowing how much are the paid vacation days in the particular city and also the unemployment rate or figures.
There is no place in the world with zero threats from danger, both man-made or natural. Every place in the world can potentially be visited by crime or a natural disaster. That being said, it is still better to check the crime rates of a city or a particular neighborhood. Don’t make an assessment just based on whether the city is small or large, rural or urban. It is better to do an online search for crime statistics to know the precise data for personal and property crimes.
Convenience is a major factor too. The factors that are looked into in this area are the proximity to work, ease of transportation, length of commute time, grocery stores, schools, banks, restaurants, nightlife, dry cleaning and other essential services. At first, this may not be that important, but as time goes on, you’ll sincerely appreciate that you took the time to do research and make sure all of these things were located close to your home.
The culture and environment of the place will also be factors that people will look into. One’s civil status will affect the type of culture and environment one is willing to be part of. Singles, couples, and couples with children all have different criteria. For example, singles will put more importance on the dating scene and nightlife, while people with families will be more concerned about healthcare and schools.
Other factors that are also looked into are entertainment options, outdoor recreation, whether one will feel that they can belong to the community, the general weather and climate, and the accessibility of worship centers.…