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The History of Wells Branch, Texas

Wells Branch, Texas, a small suburb of Austin has a history that has been forgotten by most, but in our time of modern patriotism can certainly be appreciated by all. The small town was originally created as nothing less than a monument to a soldier of Texas, long before it was simply a suburb of Austin.
In the very early 19th century, a local Austin man by the name of Martin Wells was raising a family in the small town of Mina, now known as Bastrop. He had a wife and a son, Wayman. He was a proud member of local government and an upstanding member of the community who always put his family first.
But, within Texas, there was unrest. Colonists of the area desperately wanted independence from Mexico and were slowly deciding that they were ready to fight for it. In the two year period of 1835 and 1836, two major events happened that would forever shape what was to later become Wells Branch. First, in 1835 Texas settlers made their decision and took arms against Mexico in a fight for their independence. Second, in 1836 Martin died of natural causes, leaving Wayman on his own as a man.
Shortly after his father’s death, Wayman joined the revolution and was a fierce participant. He was a part of numerous battles throughout the war but made his mark as a hero in the Battle of San Jacinto in April of 1836, when Texas won its freedom.
Because of his heroics in the battle, Waymon was awarded a land grant from Stephen F. Austin, the namesake of another Texas town, as well as one from the newly formed Republic of Texas. The land was approximately 1,170 acres nestled against a branch of Little Walnut Creek. Wayman and his new wife, Mary Emily, moved to the land and built a residence there.
The town of Austin grew up around them and Wayman became active in the politics and civic activities of the city. He became the Travis County Commissioner, and later, the trustee for the Austin Insane Asylum. He had a home at 912 W. 26th St., and remained living there until his death in 1878.
The branch of the creek was named in his honor as Wells Branch, and later, the whole of the original land that was granted to him in honor of his service to Texas was named for him as the town of Wells Branch.…

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History Of Economic Recession In Japan

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