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Strata Community-The Psychological Aspect

While breaking into the property industry it is extremely important to know exactly what you are looking for. Based on your requirement, taste, budget and temperament you can go in for an independent house or you can opt for a strata title scheme and live in a strata community.

A strata scheme refers to a particular building or a group of buildings where you get to own a portion of the same building which is more commonly referred to as LOT. So we can safely say that it is a system of joint or multiple ownership of a certain building or buildings.

Strata scheme property can also be called strata community because it brings together a number of individuals and families to share a particular place and be the co owners of a mutually held property.

Psychological Aspects of Strata Community –

Getting into a strata scheme, understanding its by-laws, getting an idea about the common property, levies, insurance payment etc are the physical aspects but there is another aspect to it – the Psychological one.

Staying in a strata community you lead an independent life but you cannot completely ignore your community. As a member of the owner’s corporation you will be a part of the maintenance and development of the areas coming under common property. Staying in a community basically requires a particular mind set.

First of all you can avail a lot of facilities like swimming pool gym etc which is not always possible for an independent house owner. Secondly retired people, work at home people and children who get some kind of free time can form different groups and enjoy activities like swimming , yoga , going to the gym to name a few. All the maintenance work and development is shared by the members of the owner’s corporation so the load is less for individual lot owners.

One cannot deny the multiple advantages of living in a strata community but it has its flip side also. With many people come many different ideas and view points and clashing of views is almost a certainty. Moreover it’s a daunting task for the first time owners to understand the different nuances of the strata community .This is where one feels the necessity of strata management.

Strata management which is also called body corporate management generally looks after the day to day running of the strata scheme. In today’s busy life when time is a great factor the strata management helps you by sharing your burden related to the following aspects:

Strata managers play the role of a friend, philosopher and guide who can make your community living happy, stress free and enjoyable.…