The Ability to Know What You Want

What are the things that drive us to move or to act and what are the things that stop us moving or postpone our success?
I found recently that it helped to just get off my backside and go where my energy took me.
As a matter of fact it took me about 1000 miles the last three days as I criss- crossed the Northern, North West and Eastern Coast of Australia. You see one of the ways I make money is finding real estate deals which others cannot see.
As with networking the real stuff happens offline as a rule and the real jewels are to be discovered in the real life connections with real people.
In this field of real estate, as with many fields, the most important task is to establish meaningful connections that are fun; not just for the money. I am fortunate because I do like people and the friendly connections I made were also surprising in their spontaneity and opportunity.
One Agency has even contracted me to mentor the company as they are feeling stuck in their approach to people and feel as if they are missing some golden opportunities. They are!!
The funny thing was that I was only telling this Company Director about my past failures and his eyes lit up with hope that things could also change for him. I was not out trying to sell my other craft of coaching, mentoring, workshops and the like. I was also not dressed for the occasion with my black muscle top tee shirt and my very, very casual jeans.
If we know what it is we want and we are prepared to take action, there is nothing that can stop us, and more so if we are ready to keep changing our approach when needed.
So, the three basic steps to success are-
1. The ability to know what you want.
2. The courage to take action.
3. The flexibility to keep changing until you get it right.
If we persistently search for the key to discovering an emotionally satisfying way to express our energy, creativity and passion the end is not far off.
When was it that you last felt great about who you were and what you were doing?
What physical, mental and emotional state were you in and what were you doing exactly?
Our lack of focus on the good things we have achieved and our constant preoccupation of those situations where we considered we failed is one of the reasons for our postponement.
We can be who we want and we can do what we feel will give meaning to our life, if we constantly remember that our reality is where we give our attention and focus. So, focus on what you want not on where or when you missed the target.
If we have decided to change our life, it is better to start by taking action on things, which are not loaded with fear or great expectations; namely start with small things.
Do not ever be put off by people who constantly want you to fall to their level of negativity and disappointment with life and people.
It is a beautiful world out there and not all bad as some might try and persuade you.