Tile Paint

Tile Paint

If you’re looking to update a bathtub or an area that’s covered in tile that’s outdated or just not the right color for what you want in the room, then you might want to consider Tile Paint over a complete re-tile.

The technology around this paint has improved significantly in the past few years and the quality and ease of applying it can provide the DIY-er with a great way to refresh a tiled backsplash or tiled area. There would not be a need to completely tear out the old tile, rebuild the backing and then apply a whole new set of tile.

Mainly from the labor, this process can be very costly and time consuming. With Tile Paint, all you need to do is determine the amount of surface area that you need to cover, then purchase the right amount and the right color.

The key to applying this is the preparation process. Removing as much of the soap scum and grime as possible will ensure your paint application will adhere properly.

In addition, scrubbing lightly with steel wool or the recommended abrasive material is required in order to provide a surface onto which the paint will adhere. Another recommendation for painting tile is that if surface will get wet all the time, then don’t bother even painting it. You’ll most likely be scraping out tile paint chips within a matter of weeks. For bathtub or shower floor jobs, consult a professional.

Once you’re ready to apply the paint, determine a good strategy. If you’re in a confined area, be sure to start with the furthest corner so that you can apply the it as you’re moving away and don’t get stuck trying to reach into a corner after you’ve applied all the paint around it. It generally goes on in a pretty sticky manner, so be sure to use gloves and if in a confined area, a mask.