Tools a Carpet Installation Company Uses That a Do It Yourselfer Needs

Tools a Carpet Installation Company Uses That a Do It Yourselfer Needs

Beautiful new carpet is an exciting way to increase the comfort and enjoyment you feel in your home. You have two options when it comes to laying the carpet – you can hire a carpet installation company or you can do it yourself. If you think you want to do it by yourself, be aware that you will have to have many tools on hand, including some specialty tools.

Safety Glasses and Work Gloves

Many do-it-yourselfers do not bother with safety equipment, and that is why the incidence of injury accidents is so high while doing these projects. Do not cut corners. Get the safety glasses and use the work gloves just like the carpet installation company does.


You will need a claw hammer after you take up your old carpet to pull out any old staples and tackless strips. This is a very important step in the process because if you do not do it you will have a lumpy new carpet.

Measuring Tape

A good, professional-style measuring type will help you get all the measurements, not only of your room, but of the carpeting as well.

Chalk Line

If you do not have a chalk line, or even know what one is, you must find one and learn how to use it to mark the back of your carpeting before you cut it. A carpet installation company will have no trouble taking care of this procedure for you if you hire the work done.


A carpet knife or utility knife will allow you to cut the carpet. Without it, you will have trouble doing the job. With it, it can still be difficult, and easy to cut yourself. It is a better idea to have a professional do it for you.

Tack Strips and Staple Gun

Tack strips have to be installed around all the edges of the room. This is what the carpet is stapled to, using a heavy duty construction-type staple gun.

Seam Cutter

If you have to have a seam, you can overlap the carpet on the two sides of the seam as you work. Then, you can use a seam cutter to cut through both pieces of carpeting at the same time. A carpet installation company has the proper seam cutters to use for the job.

Knee Kicker

A knee kicker is a specialty tool that you will almost certainly have to rent or buy if you are not affiliated with a carpet installation company. It is used to stretch the carpeting into place. This part of the job is a difficult and sometimes even painful one. It is best left to experts.

Power Stretcher

You can use the power stretcher to stretch the carpet as well, once you have gotten one side in place. The up side of the power stretcher is that it is not so physically difficult to use as the knee kicker. The down sides are that it may be harder to understand, and it is an expensive rental. A carpet installation company will bring their own when they come to do your job.