Ways to Purge Your Carpet of Odors

Ways to Purge Your Carpet of Odors

Any home carpet with persistent odor is indeed a source of discomfort both to the household and also to the visitors. Fortunately, there are a good number of measures that can be adopted to purge carpets of such irritating smell. The following write up is geared to give you some tips on how to effectively give your carpets a welcoming scent and smell.

First of all, any household carpet odor that is well embedded can effectively be treated by using household cleaning substances such as baking soda. This substance should be used by spraying all over the carpet and then given a little time to permeate the fabrics of the carpet. This system will give the baking soda time to combat the pungent smell of the odor. After sometime, the baking soda is removed through the process of vacuuming, after which the carpet smells fresh and pleasant.

When the odor is as persistent as to defy the use of the baking soda, carpet foam cleaners may be used to combat the odor. The carpet foam is used by spraying it evenly over the surface of the carpet. With regard to specific directions for use, the carpet foam is usually allowed to permeate the carpet for a given amount of time. This is later removed through vacuuming and then allowed to dry off. After the treatment, new life is given to the carpet, which will now smell fresh and pleasant.

Odors are usually trapped to a carpet by allowing dirt to stay for a longer time without cleaning. When this happens, it is good to remove the dirt from the carpet. The best process to do this is through steaming cleaning the carpet. This will loosen the dirt, thereby ridding the carpet of the lasting odor. Applying a carpet cleaning substance in the process of the steaming will also help to remove the odor effectively. You can also use natural cleaning substances like white vinegar in the steaming action. Besides renting a steam machine, one can decide to get the cheap models so as to be able to steam clean on a regular basis.

Generally, the source of lasting carpet odors is often with the underneath pad rather than with the carpet itself. Trying to get rid of the odor while the pad is affected will not produce the desired result. The best thing to do in such a case is to remove the underlying pad and replace it with a new one. This process can take a lot of time, but it the most efficient way of getting rid of the odor for a lasting duration.

In some cases, removing the carpet odor will indeed require the hand of a professional cleaning service to do so. The cleaning solutions used by these professionals will be dependent on the nature and the extent of the odor. The stubborn types are not well removed by merely using any kind of cleaning substance. It is ideal to invite the services of a professional to combat your carpet odor; as this will help you to forget about carpet odors in your households, though you have to prepare yourself for their charges.

Before you call in a professional, it is good that you try to remove the odors yourself. When this has defied all possible means, you can then take the bull by the horn and call in a prestigious carpet cleaning professional. This will indeed bring the discomfort to a halt.