What Are the Different Carpet Styles?

What Are the Different Carpet Styles?

Depending on your circumstances the choices are vast;

Cut pile plush, twist, loop pile, sisal, high low loop and level loop, textured loop, hard twist, frieze or shag carpet?

Cut Pile Plush:

To achieve this style of carpet, the tops of the loops are cut which makes the pile stand upright giving a smooth surface, often referred to as ‘plush’ pile. The yarn of the carpet has a slight twist which is heat or chemically set. This gives the carpet a look of luxury. A characteristic look of this style of carpet is it has a tendency to show shading from footprints and vacuuming, due to the way if reflex light. This shading has no harmful effect on the carpets performance.

Cut Pile Twist:

These carpets are made with a longer yarn that is twisted and also has a random kink which causes the pile to lay in various directions. This reflects light differently to give a mottled appearance. Because of the textured finish it shows less traces of shading and tracking than a cut pile plush carpet will show. Twist piled carpets are hard wearing and maintain their finish.

Loop Pile:

This is a carpet where the carpet pile forms a loop. This style is formed by threading through the carpet backing then sewn back through which creates a yarn with a loop. This style is made from 100% loop pile tufts of fibre, none of which are cut. These carpets are hard wearing, durable and do not tend to show tracking or footprints as other carpet types.


Sisal, also known as ‘cord’ is another type of loop pile but has the textured loops made in straight rows or random patterns. These loops can vary in height to create interesting and varied textures and patterns. With it’s classical and uniform appearance and flexibility to any interior this is a very popular style of carpet.

High Low Loop:

This textured cut and loop carpet with varying heights gives a textured finish to the carpet. Cut and loop carpet comes in many variations that have different patterns. Carpets manufactured with a high/low pile makes for an extremely durable carpet.

Cut Pile and Level Loop:

Also known as carved or sculptured pile. It s basically a cut pile carpet with areas of loop pile designed into it. This carpet style is manufactured with a combination of cut tufts and level loops. Which produce a smooth feeling carpet with a stylish finish. Using various colours can produce a range of patterns and designs.

Cut Pile and Textured Loop:

To create a carpet with a textured and patterned appearance the carpet is manufactured a cut pile and loop tufts of different heights.

Hard Twist of Frieze:

The hard twist style is also known as frieze or curled pile. I has a cut pile with a textured finish which is formed by highly twisted tufts that curl slightly at the pile surface. The yarn is tightly twisted then heat set which forms a textured look to the pile.


The tufts of the pile are very long and create a low density carpet as the tufts are more open than other carpet construction.

It is your choice at the end of the day so choose wisely and get some expert carpet advice before you buy.