What Do Upholstery Cleaning Codes Mean To Me?

What Do Upholstery Cleaning Codes Mean To Me?

There are 4 primary cleaning codes. Each one is different but has some things in common. The only code that is different is the “XS” code. Certified firms with trained and certified cleaning technicians can clean them all. We will show you why when we get to that code. Now let’s see what these codes mean.

Cleaning Code “W” These are the fabrics that are easiest to maintain and clean most effectively. Fabrics with this code mean that they are meant for very busy areas and can be beautifully steam cleaned for optimum results. They are also easy to maintain and remove spots and stains between professional cleanings. Another nice part of having a “W” code fabric is that it does not need any stain repellant applied to it. In most cases it they are an olefin or nylon. Olefin is inherently stain repellant by its chemical makeup. This means easier home care for you as well as no additional cost for the treatment. These fabrics should not use solvent as a major cleaner. Solvent in small amounts can be used to spot them. However, too much solvent can damage the latex backing. Water based products work best on these fabrics anyhow. Before you attempt to spot any fabric, always pretest in a hidden area to see how the fabric will react with your fabric.

Cleaning Code “WS” This is also a good choice of fabrics for everyday use. They are not quite as rugged as “W” coded fabrics, but are also easy to maintain and with proper professional care from certified upholstery cleaning technicians, your upholstery will last for many useful years. Fabrics with this code would gain a great benefit by apply a solvent base stain repellant treatment. These fabrics can be blends of different fibers, which can cause them to react differently than “W” coded fabrics to staining material. For certain blends, it is highly recommended that a stain repellant treatment be applied. When you are in doubt, please call a certified cleaner with your questions. Please do this BEFORE YOU PURCHASE!

Cleaning Code “S” Fabrics with this code do not like water and can be severely damaged by wet cleaning methods or spotting with water base products. Spot clean with a mild water free solvent or dry cleaning product. Clean only in a well-ventilated room and never use any product containing carbon tetrachloride, which is very toxic. With any method, always pretest a hidden area to see how the fabric will react to your method. Fabrics with this code need to be maintenance cleaned more frequently than the first 2 coded fabrics. Solvent cleaning is less aggressive and cannot effectively a heavily soiled piece of upholstery. Frequent cleanings will help you remain satisfied with the results.

Cleaning Code “XS or X” This type of fabric you NEVER want to purchase. It cannot be cleaned with either solvent or water, and even a stain repellant treatment will discolor the fabric, causing possible shrinkage and distortion of the nap of the fabric. This fabric can only be vacuumed.

Summation! Never put the cushion or arm covers into a washing machine to clean them. They can shrink and get all distorted. Any time you have any questions about any cleaning matter, please call a certified company with trained and certified upholstery cleaning technicians. They are always glad to help you.