What Types of Heating Systems Can You Use in Your Homes?

Most homes rely on heating powered by either natural gas, fuel oil or electricity, to survive the cold that comes during cold seasons like winter. There are a variety of heating technologies available for your house and a combination of air sealing, energy efficient doors and windows, and proper insulation ensures that your home is energy efficient and comfortable. Installation of a heating system in places with unpredictable and changeable weather is definitely a priority thus heating installation Woodbridge VA has been recently on its pick. Here are the heating systems to use in your home.

• Heat pumps

Heat pumps are two-way air conditioners which move heated air in each and every part of the house using forced warm air delivery systems. With the help of an electrical system, they scavenge heat from the cold environment and takes it to the house, and in summer the pumps reverse the trick by moving heat from the inside of the house to the outside. There are two types of heat pumps which are the Ground-source (also called Geothermal or GeoExchange or GX) and the Air-source heat pumps. The Ground-source get their heat from underground since the temperatures are more constant there throughout the year. They are a bit expensive and efficient than the Air-source which use the heat sink in summer and the outside air as a heat source in winter.

• Boilers

Boilers are water heaters which distribute heat in hot water and it gives up its heat throughout the whole house using the boiler system and the cool water goes back to the boiler to be reheated. Steam boilers heat up the house by passing steam through the radiators and it gives up heat condensing back to water which returns to be reheated using heating oil and natural gas which are the common fuels for boilers. Boiler controls include the valves that regulate water temperature and circulation, aqua stats and thermostats and it is easier to install controls for individual rooms and thermostats in a hydronic system than in forced air.

• Electric space heaters.

Electric space heaters work like clothes iron and toasters by converting electric current directly to heat and they include quartz infrared heaters and oil filled heaters. It takes a lot of electricity to produce the same amount of useful heat that oil and natural gas produces making electric heaters costly to use but they are usually inexpensive to buy. Another type of heating similar to the plug-in space heater is electric baseboard heat and it is easy to install thermostats to individual rooms so that you can turn off the heat in the rooms that are not being used and it also has low installation cost. Super insulation helps retain more heat in the room thus reduces the electricity usage rate.

Other ways of heating up your home include having fireplaces which are cost-effective, pellet stoves, using hybrid furnaces, solar heating and radiant floor heating. You should use energy efficient and comfortable heating sources that will provide sufficient heat to your home.