Why Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners Are Better Than Bagged Vacuums

Why Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners Are Better Than Bagged Vacuums

Nearly 100 years ago back in the early 1920s, households on both sides of the Atlantic were introduced to the idea of cleaning their homes with vacuum cleaners. In those days the only type of vacuums available for many years was the upright bagged type. Even in the 1960s I remember emptying out a very dusty tartan material bag, washing it and having to wait for it to dry before being able to use the family carpet cleaner again. Then material bags were replaced with strong paper bags.

Many businesses and workplaces were cleaned with a different type of machine – non-upright bagless industrial cylinder vacuum cleaners. To start with the industrial cleaners were far too big and heavy to be used for cleaning homes, but over time and with technological advances they gradually became more compact in size. Now the bagless canister types can be found in homes the world over and thanks to them hygiene isn’t such a luxury now.

In my eyes the emergence of the bagless type meant that the bagged ones had serious competition. Cleaning the home became easier. Just take a look at how they are overtaking the traditional models.

When people started using cylinder vacuum cleaners they realized that the machine was made up of many joints and adjustable heads and arms. This was a huge leap forward because now you could more easily reach higher and into corners of rooms. Any product that makes work easier and less tiring is very welcome.

Replacing bags can be tiresome and not just for economic reasons. It was so annoying to find that a bag had split, or that you had run out of spares and that most of the shops around didn’t stock that type any more. Replacing bags isn’t an issue with the bagless type. Emptying vacuum bags into dustbins also means that for a short time you are exposed to dust and dirt, not cool and especially if you are an asthma sufferer or have any type of allergy. With bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners you don’t need to worry about flying dust particles when the bags burst. Just empty the dirt into a bin bag and wipe round.

However, as we want you to know everything about a product before purchasing it, we would also like to let you know about some of the disadvantages of bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners. The filters in some of these bagless machines are often non-washable. These need to be changed periodically. Most customers have said that they would rather prefer a washable filter inside the cylinder but they aren’t as common in the market as the non-washable type. I got a Dyson with a washable filter so they are available if you look.