You Can Do a Carpet Bleach Stain Repair by Yourself!

You Can Do a Carpet Bleach Stain Repair by Yourself!

Carpets stain all the time and the problem is that they are very visible and stains on them affect the whole image of your home. Nothing is worse than moving into a new home and notice that your carpets have a bleach stain. You will probably think that it is not possible to be fixed and that you can’t even imagine that you can make a carpet bleach stain repair all by yourself. There is no need to consider your new home ruined just because of a bleach stain. Various methods of solving the problem exist, so you can pick the one you want.

If you want to try solving the problem by yourself, in order to make a carpet bleach stain repair you need to find a color repair kit that contains dyes specifically created for carpets. You cannot use regular dyes for clothing or food dyes as these will not fasten to the dye sites in each one of the fibers in the carpet. You will also need to make sure you get the bleach neutralizer to remove the active bleach which will bleach the color out again if the bleach stain is not neutralized properly.

To match the exact color of the carpet with the dye kit is not difficult, you will have to assess the color of the bleach spot and go from there.

For instance if the bleach spot is white you can start with a yellow to tint the bleach area and keep adding the primary colors until you match the color of the surrounding area. Usually with your kit there should be a guide to put you in the right direction to the proper color correction.

When color matching, you have to put as little of the colored dye in the carpet as possible to make sure you do not over color otherwise the bleach spot will look darker than the original color and you will have to bleach the color out again. When adding the dye to the bleach spot you will have to keep adding the dye and removing the excess and add some more dye and remove the excess again until the right depth of tone is transpiring to the color needed for matching. It would be similar to adding layers until it reaches the right tone and depth of color.

Another way to repair the stain is to cut it out and invisibly mend the carpet and a professional can do this for you or again you can find a carpet repair kit that will give the specifics on how to replace a piece of carpet that is damage and insert a new piece that looks like the perfect blend and therefore saving you the cost of full carpet replacement

However, this is not the only solution. If you don’t think you have the skills to do this on your own or if you lack time, ask the professionals at or . They will get the work done faster and, probably better than you would do it by yourself. The bottom line is that carpet bleach stain repair is not an impossible mission.